How to Keep a Mummy (Miira no Kaikata) : White, Round, Tiny, Wimpy and Ready.”

Episode 1

“Shirokute marukute chīsakute totemo nakimushidakedo ganbaru”(しろくてまるくてちいさくてとても泣きむしだけどがんばる)

It might seem extremely strange to start a anime review thing when its already 6 episodes in but to be honest I don’t think I saw anything about this one at the beginning of the year and as January was a busy month me and Luc only really explored the two shows we ended up reviewing, I saw a gif of this and fell in love so… You’ll get 6 reviews in a row then we’ll be reviewing this one weekly too.

So How to Keep a Mummy…

I mean how can you not love this right? Its adorable.

Our main character for this show is Sora. His father sent him a adorable little Mummy who he calls Mii-kun as a present.

It sounds like a strange premise but we’re told how normal this is by Sora, his father isn’t afraid to send him back things that he thinks are good luck or charmed but are actually evil and cursed. This time he seems to have actually stumbled on something that is actually cute.

Maybe not cute in the way Sora first thought but cute enough.

How to Keep a Mummy does exactly I guess what it says its going to do. Sora is learning how to take care of this tiny little Mummy. He is everything the title of the episode says he is too. White, though surely his bandages should have become discoloured by now? Round, especially as he absorbs water so at the end of the episode he jumps in the bath with Sora and becomes EXTREMELY round. Tiny, not much bigger then Sora’s hand, he can sit easily in the palm of it. Wimpy, he cries at EVERYTHING.

So many great moments in the episode made me cry tears of laughter and adorableness.

I loved when he got jealous of Sora’s dog for having hugs, even when he jumped onto Sora’s back he was able to figure out the dog being on the front meant he was getting hugs and Mii-kun was not so started barking at the dog. Even better was when he was eating, Sora was trying him out with different foods and he didn’t like cucumber but after Sora was happy to see he’d eat apple he went back to trying cucumber just to make him not mad.

My favourite moment was the introduction of Sora’s best friend.

Tazuki took the role of Mii-kuns tormentor though for how long that will last I don’t know. He seems curious as to what it is that Mii-kun actually is and to be honest I don’t blame him! If I saw a little walking Mummy I’m sure as hell wanting to know what is behind those bandages. It was a short meeting but I’m so looking forward to how that progresses, I doubt its going to be like this for long. I mean who could stay wanting to rip apart that cutie for long?

Tazuki seems to be the sane one out of Sora and him though. Whilst he very obviously is used to the crazy things that Sora gets sent he doesn’t lose his head the same way. I really like him already and he wasn’t really that big a part of the episode.

I knew I’d love it by the gif that I saw and man did I adore it when I sat down to watch it. I’ll binge watch the first 6 episodes and we’ll keep this one up weekly till the end!


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