Junji Ito Collection : Used Record / Town of No Roads

Episode 7

More crazy stories, more wondering what the hell any of them really mean. I love my weekly dose of Junji Ito.

It starts off with a bang this week with a murder over  record. Sometimes it doesn’t even bother to let you take a breath before it starts with the crazy.

Used Record wasn’t that crazy though. It was a ghost story but a really well told one about a record that in some ways was cursed. The haunting song of a dead singer, literally a recording of the singer singing after she had apparently died, that drove people to murder even if they didn’t know the story of the record itself. Friends turn on friends, total strangers will do anything to get their hands on it. There was something so haunting about the imagery, the song being played in the cafe and whilst the people in there listened we flashed back to the dead singer. It was beautiful but at the same time it didn’t hide the horrors of putting a dead body on screen, she might have been a sight to behold but she was still a dead body.

Probably one of my favourite stories so far.

Town of No Roads was strange and I’m not sure what to make of the story but I loved it anyway. I don’t really get the beginning with the girls family not respecting her privacy, to be honest I was expecting something completely different when the boy got into her dream and was murdered. When she finally got to the town and was walking through homes as well as her crazy nearly naked aunt I was totally lost.

I mean it had many eyed aliens, a serial killer, killers in your dreams and a family of perverts but I don’t actually know how any of the bits tied together. It made no sense story wise but it was so interesting to watch unfold.

You couldn’t predict what was going to happen next because you could hardly figure out what was going on in the present.

Both stories were really subdued though, even though both had, for how many people we meet, high body counts, blood and death from beginning to end of them they were gentle and intriguing.

Its a complete contrast to last weeks Gentle Goodbye which was so slow and boring. OK so that one was just a ghost story with a happy ending, there was nothing really happy about either of these stories, but it was generally a more relaxed story instead of scary people and ugly looking things. Again Town with No Roads did end up having that at some point in it but it actually, for me, will be the last thing I remember about the episode.

Which is funny.

Watching this show has kind of stopped me from cringing the moment a horrifying image is flashed up on screen. Whilst the Fashion Model, the guy in Long Dreams and the Slug Girl all made my skin want to crawl off me the aliens from this episode just didn’t. I think they would have before but I think right now I’m more involved in the stories every week. They were a after thought.

OR maybe that just shows how unimportant they were meant to be. I don’t know but this was very much one of my favourite episodes.

3 thoughts on “Junji Ito Collection : Used Record / Town of No Roads”

    1. I think the only reason I’ve been on the ball with this series is because I’m intrigued to see what each story is. Some are really good, others are boring as hell but its kinda exciting waiting to find out. This one is worth watching regardless of whether you catch up with the others though!

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