5* Wrestling : Episode 3 Sheffield

Not the best review ever, I missed one match then lost the live stream half way through when Twitch and Facebook stopped streaming and by the end wasn’t really paying too much attention because I was sulking that I’d missed Hendry vs Big Grizzly and Nathan Cruz wasn’t wrestling.

Still…. Review is here.

Winner : Matty Mayhem

It wasn’t a very exciting match but it wasn’t a boring one either. Drake was by far the best part of the match, I don’t get the whole punk isn’t dead stuff, we know that pretty sure that there is a punk inspired female wrestler in WWE right now, didn’t get why we needed a life story for each wrestler from Greg (I think that’s the second commentators name, instead of calling him NOT Joe Hendry I thought I’d figure it out) or why Drake was stuck in the match.

Think it also is just weird to me because I see him in DEFIANT and he’s so good and Greg made him sound… Well… Like he has only just started wrestling yesterday but he’s bloody fantastic.

Pretty bad match though. Like seriously bad. When Drake was just kind of sat on the side of the ring waiting to break up a three count yet still didn’t manage to break it up very well, the ending was just bland. I wish I’d missed this match to be honest.


After the most cringey introduction with Greg babbling on and Hendry either missing cues or just the whole thing being awful in general we finally get Hager out to tell the world he’s the American we love to hate.

Actually think this was a perfect promo from these two. Gibson demanding a match, Hager saying he doesn’t deserve it and then Gibson saying Hager was boring. The whole thing was just great for Gibson and a nice promo with the champion.

Winner : Joey Axl

I really do love El Ligero and when the time is right and he has one of his hilarious matches its always a delight to see. Him rolling up into a ball to keep himself safe from Axl was great and I loved that Hendry was just telling everyone how hard it would be to pin Ligero when Axl then managed o pin him.

Brilliant match all round. Axl really is a highlight of the show most weeks and I’m actually really happy that 5* has brought him to light because I’m enjoying seeing him just destroy all his opponents every week. Got to think he’s going to be up against Haskins soon. His Ayres Rock Lock is my favourite submission at the moment.

What is with Australia and their awesome wrestlers? All 5* is missing is Mark Davis piledriving the shit out of people.


Another great promo spot with Gibson in it. Really the star of their shows. Him and Rampage getting pissed and just beating the shit out of Mysterio was great and then having RVD make the save and the match for later was awesome. Great use of Gibson and Rampage.

Winner : Eddie Ryan

I mean the Vegan thing was hilarious, I love that he just shouted that he was a Vegan all the time. It was a interesting match against Eddie Ryan though. He actually was in control for a hell of a lot of it and looked really good against Ryan. If I wasn’t laughing so much at Greg constant reminder of him being a Vegan I might have actually been more impressed.

Other then the falling out at the beginning he was pretty impressive though.

Actually kinda sad that Eddie won because he really did get his ass kicked most of the time. Kinda sad I won’t see him next week though I couldn’t even if I wanted to anymore as I’m working till 9pm.

Interesting to see Bram watching on his match once more.


I don’t know what happened but it was probably my favourite part of 5* so far with The Masters of Cool coming down to just tell them that they should do his show instead, Cabana to come down to plug his show and then Grado to come down to help Cabana and make a wonderful tag team match right after the break.

Winners :  Colt Cabana & Grado

What a match. I was in tears of laughter when Grado and Cabana were dancing together and then fell onto the Masters of Cool. It was funny up until the Masters of Cool took over. They very obviously took the match much more seriously and I’m happy that Greg did point out that up until now The Masters of Cool were the fan favourites and instantly they no longer are.

Loved just how similar Grado and Cabana are in the ring, their big elbows were great. They are very different from the Masters of Cool though.

Great ending with Carlito spitting the apple in Masters face

Winner : 

The online streams kind of died at this point so we saw Bryan or Ryan Hunter (sorry I can’t figure out what Greg was saying) enter the ring and then nothing until….

Winners : Max Money

I am very much no fan of the UK Hooligans but I guess this is also the first time I’m going to properly see them in a wrestling match and not just a match where they come down and badly beat people up in a Hardcore match before wandering off again.

Wishing for something that just would never happen. I completely lost interest when the match started on the outside, the thing is I love crazy matches as you’ll see from my adoration of Aussie Open and Jimmy Havoc/Primate on DEFIANT, but the Hooligans aren’t even interesting when they do that.

They DID then have a good chunk of the match in the ring and when I started to get interested again I can see why people like them. They really aren’t for me as it felt to make them look good Max Money had to play it dumb which we’d seen the first two weeks that they weren’t doing.

The question is, obviously, DID we know that there was a Knight family film because I’m pretty sure we never knew this and so Greg had to tell us this EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE.

Loved the ending, perfect drop kick from Maxted, good roll up and a quick sneaky win by Max Money.


I don’t usually bother with the backstage stuff but I just think Cruz has been wonderful and I really hope that he’s going to be doing something really big soon. His whole thing with Val was brilliant and I missed seeing him wrestle.

Winners : ??

Actually a fantastic match, amazingly the first main event in the three episodes to feature Brits just in case you were keeping count on those kind of things, it showed off two of the best the UK has to offer against two absolute legends.

Love seeing Rampage just kill people in the ring and Gibson as the ring leader, mouthpiece who can back it up in the ring is a good team to be honest. They isolated their opponents and stopped the pace from reaching what RVD and Mysterio are comfortable with.

Just when the match was getting real good and it looked like the team of RVD and Mysterio was going to win Max Money came out and got involved which brought down Grado and Cabana and the show ended with Gibson, Rampage and Max Money on the ramp with Gibson pointing out that RVD had kicked Grado.


OK so commentary. It needs to get better. Like I’m sure Greg is a lovely person and I feel bad to constantly laugh about him BUT it is awful. Its like he thinks you have to constantly be talking about something so has all these useless pieces of information about wrestlers that no one needs to know, we’re in week 3 and some of the facts are getting on my nerves. I can only compare it to what I watch obviously so it will always be in comparison to Bradshaw and Kennedy on DEFIANT but instead of being apart of the match and heightening the interest in the match itself he takes you out of it. Whilst Bradshaw might talk most of the matches he’ll talk about what is going on in the ring, talking about the story of the match, arguing with Kennedy because they have the face/heel dynamic. If there isn’t something to say Bradshaw won’t say it.

Greg doesn’t call moves, he doesn’t immerse you into the story of a match or even have any real banter with Hendry. He’ll tell you stories and facts in what I guess he thinks is a excited voice. Hendry needs to have something to bounce off of and whilst at times they have their moments sometimes it feels like they are commentating from two completely different places.

I say this before anything to do with the wrestling because its really the only big problem they have and when you are watching a three hour long wrestling show on TV with commentators those commentators can’t bore the hell out of you else no matter how good the wrestling is you just won’t be paying enough attention to care.

Wrestling wise it really is starting to heat up.

They’ve brought in some interesting stories, we’ve got a very big UK vs Import thing going on. Gibson is the star because they’ve given him the time on the mic to just talk and build this hatred, teaming him with Rampage and Max Money just makes it more impactful. The Modcast is a godsend to them, last week it continued the story of Axl wanting to destroy everyone and be seen as the best and this week it let a story be told for the match between The Masters of Cool and Cabana/Grado. Nathan Cruz is bubbling away in the background as well.

Match wise Ligero vs Axl was amazing, main event was a perfect look at some of the best Britain has to offer, Ryan vs Burke was a great wrestling match… You can’t fault any of the wrestlers at all.

Arena’s still look empty and because they aren’t full they sound dead which makes things like the Hooligans trying to get the crowd on side sound silly. It probably sounds better live but on TV its just not very good.

Overall its a good show and its fun to watch. I don’t think I could pay enough attention to it though to really review it any better then I do, its still got a long way to go but its getting there. I wasn’t there at the beginning of WCPW but a lot of people said it was shit and now I personally find DEFIANT must watch TV every week.

My main gripe and one I find insulting now actually is the lack of women. There are way too many female wrestlers in the UK for there not to have been at least one women’s match EVEN ON A DARK MATCH yet. I mean I’d get the anger still if they were on the dark match but at least there would be female presence. Even SoCal Val isn’t really used on TV. There is 0 female presence for the majority of the night other then Mysterios fire girls.

It was a good show though. Really enjoyed it this week and sad that I can’t watch it live on Twitch next week because I’m at work till 9.

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