5 Things…. 5 Gregisms from tonights 5* Wrestling because you AIN’T getting a full review of the show so why not?!

We have a few 5 Things posts we were going to post today but I never got around to it. Thankfully because of 5* Wrestlings online streams all going down and my house being one of the 15% of houses in the UK apparently that can’t receive FreeSports on Freeview picking 5 Greg sayings from what I DID watch is going to be most of what you now get for my week 3 review of 5* Wrestling.



It was just the worst thing ever. I don’t know if Hendry just didn’t want to say much or if its because Greg is the lead commentator so was just MADE to be the one talking a lot but he just couldn’t keep it going. He kept making comments that made even Hendry think they were going to the ring, nothing he said made much sense or was really of any importance and I nearly turned it off because it was hurting my head.

Poor Greg. Poor us for having to listen to it.

4. “And We’re going to fly to the ring… In a Moment.”

OK so technically this is in the opening segment too but it was so good that it needed its own mention.

We had already had the moment of him basically introducing Jake Hager, Joe Hendry sat there waiting for Hager’s music to hit for Greg to look back at Hendry and say “he isn’t coming down yet” and this was pretty much the SECOND time he indicated the wrestling was going to start just to change his mind and start going on about something else.

3. “Using his mouth I guess”

How is Zack Gibson going to get a title match from the powers that be???

2. “Violent Vegan”

This was actually one of the best moments. I mean I just had to laugh the entire time about the Vegan Warrior but Greg actually heightened how hilarious the whole thing was. Pointing out that there are a lot of Vegan wrestlers, the story about when Burke was 6 and then calling him the Violent Vegan. It was HILARIOUS.

Loved it.

1. “I could bring up my book but that would be the height of unprofessional-ism”

Not only was it one of many of those really random things that he likes to bring up like the Knight film or Hendry going to the Commonwealth Games but he then tried to COMPARE it to Hendry going to the Commonwealth Games AND say that Hendry kept bringing it up when the only person who brought it up was Greg himself.

Not sure trying to sell your book and qualifying for something like the Commonwealth games are really the same thing.



Its just a bit of fun. Greg seems lovely but some things are just too funny and I have to bring it up. The commentary on 5 Star Wrestling is dreadful but I’m sure it’ll get better. As the review is half done because I have to watch on Live Streams I thought I’d bulk the love for the company up with this one.

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