Week 7 Question : How Did The Universe Begin

I’m going to take this opportunity to just talk about random ways people think it has begun because its probably a more interesting answer then the one I would otherwise give.

Reason being that I do believe the scientific Big Bang theory. No not the TV show the idea that there was a big explosion type thing and the universe was created out of particles and whatnot and yeah.

OK so its been a long time since I’ve had to think about it let alone explain it but you know what it is so I’m not going to bore you with it.

Through time though when science wasn’t such a big thing and all that its surprising, or not surprising if you know enough about history, that most places kinda have the same idea. A god or THE god created the universe. In ancient times if I remember correctly it was usually caused by some kind of chaos or a god/being called chaos whilst obviously the Christian/Catholic belief is that god made it in 7 days.

In the Pokemon universe it was created by Arceus, or at least started with Arceus. He created Diagla, Palkia, Giratina, Azelf, Uxie and Mespirit, banished Giratina into another universe, gave Diagla and Palkia the abilities to control time and space whilst giving the others the power to create willpower, knowledge and emotion, they themselves become the lake guardians. Its a over simplistic over view of the belief but so far everything in this blog has been. Still, even though Arceus is said to have been hatched it kind of a mix of the Big Bang and religious views. After all the egg hatching would be like the Big Bang whilst Arceus creating things is like a god.

Hyrule, in Legend of Zelda, was created when the three goddesses Din, Farore and Nayru came down from a Nebula and began creating it out of the chaos that was there. Then again that was more just a world then a universe but its still interesting.

I’m not sure what my point.

Anna told me that the Discworld was created by a god who was trying to create a pizza. I’m not sure how the universe was created but in the Science of the Discworld books apparently the wizards created Earth which they call Globe World or something like that.

Fantastica was created by the dreams of humans or something like that, if people stopped dreaming then the world would end. That was a hard book to read if I’m honest. Sebastian was a pain in the ass but I guess that is for another time.

To be honest I’m not sure why it matters how the universe or a planet was created. How is knowing whether a being of power, a dream or a scientific explosion going to help us? Whilst I guess its important to know it also isn’t going to help us to argue over it. It doesn’t hurt if someone wants to believe something different.


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