Kokkoku : The Sixth Moment

Episode 6

So the tradition of ending episodes with a member of the Yukawa family in mortal danger continued. I guess it isn’t really a tradition but this is the third time out of 5 episodes so it kinda is.

I have a bad feeling for Tsubasa.

It kind of played out the way I thought it would. I didn’t really think that he was going to die right there and then, obviously because it has happened to Juri twice, I don’t even think we really knew where he got cut. Maybe his arm? Possibly his body. If they showed I don’t think I saw it, it wasn’t really important other then to make you panic at the end of the last episode. It didn’t take long for him to actually get the upper hand and kill the guy, it was a really graphic scene where the guy even pee’d himself as he died. It really wasn’t nice.

So what then happened to Tsubasa?

Thankfully before turning into a Handler after basically going into shock Juri showed up and saved him.

This has led me to believe even stronger that the guy has a really interesting backstory. I don’t know if we’ll ever know it or not but there is/was so much potential with Tsubasa and now, at least for the moment, he’s back out of the picture. He’s still my favourite character and maybe that’ll just have to be it for him.

Going back to the fight though it made me realise just how much attention to detail is going on in this anime. Not only did they have this graphic scene of Tsubasa killing someone they went to the effort of having that guy pee himself and then Tsubasa actually not being able to balance himself as he looked around without putting his hand in it. Like that might sound disgusting but its a detail that never had to happen in the first place but it made the whole scene feel so much more dark and dirty then you’d think you would get out of this anime. It wasn’t a nice scene to watch and made you feel uncomfortable and it worked so well because of that disgusting addition to it.

Later on when Juri and Majima finally come face to face and call the Handler together, more on that in a second, the attention to Majima dropping the knife, wiping away dust. Its easy to forget the world they are part of, forget that everything is stalled and how these little moments would actual work. Its just a nice detail.

The bulk of the episode though was Majima trying to expel her family.

Loved that we got to learn so much more about Majima from a simple inability to call a Handler. Its easy to think badly of her even knowing her backstory, wires are crossed at the moment and it isn’t helped by the addition of Takafumi. Whilst Majima thinks that the family have used Stasis all the time and blame them for what happened to her family its not really what happened. She is a kid that had something horrifying happen to her, something that no one would be able to understand or even believe and she’s found someone to blame. Thing is the Grandfather doesn’t seem to have really entered Stasis and it was purely coincidental that she had the stone at the same time that the Grandfather had taken Juri into Stasis so she could say goodbye to her dog. Its also extremely lucky that she ran into Juri at all else what had happened to her family would have happened to her.

That doesn’t make Majima a bad person and no matter how much she tries to her hardest to get the murderous intent she needs the Handlers won’t be called.

Its such a sad scene and a sad story for Majima.

Doesn’t surprise me that Takafumi is such a fuck up that he believes that after this they’ll be using Stasis again and actually manages to call a Handler just because he wants to experiment with what he can get away with. Like I’m happy as it happened the other guy was going on about how much of a low life you’d have to be just to be able to call one because Takafumi really is a fuck up and I really hope of all people something horrible happens to him. He doesn’t work, he’s a lay about and wants things handed down to him, no wonder his father never trusted him with Stasis. I don’t get how he managed to have a kid as well put together as Juri but it doesn’t surprise me that Tsubasa is such a loser with a dad like him to look up to. Specially with Tsubasa being that much older then Juri.

Sad moments to end the episode though its nice to see that Takafumi might have at least learnt a lesson and there seems to be a possibility that even with all this time in Stasis as a Handler there might be hope for Majima’s little brother. Whilst her parents bodies were recovered and have pretty much been sucked dry he looks… OKish. Lets hope for at least a small sliver of happiness for Majima, most importantly I’m hoping that at some point Majima is able to talk to Juri and the Grandfather and learn a little more about them and realise that they aren’t as bad as she’s made herself believe they are and that it truly was just a horrible mistake that I’m sure both the Grandfather and Juri will feel terrible about when they finally hear the whole story.

Kinda happy that other guy is with Majima too. He seem’s cool. He’s just been hired to do a job and sure that probably means he is a shitty human being but in this situation he’s a bloody saint compared to some.


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