My Life As a Playlist Week 6

This might again not be the best thought out blog in the world. Some weeks songs go straight to my head but as I’ve done nothing this week…. Again… Plus I’m waiting to go out and didn’t think through how much time I’d have today to think these things out today.

So… Songs and reasons.

Snow – JJ72

Let me tell you this. Its been snowing EVERYWHERE but it HAS NOT snowed on my street. When its snowed in other places its just been sunny.

Why won’t it snow
Like they said it would
What is it that they know
That I really should


The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver – All Time Low

Stop fuckin’ around with my emotions
I like you better when you’re numb
I’m sick and tired of false devotion
Devote yourself to movin’ on
Or suck it up and let it go
But you’re always out to get me
That just kind of how I felt about myself half way through the week. I let something stupid and someone who isn’t worth my time get to me. All I did was ask a question and I wasn’t even given the respect from them to get a answer. I just kinda got really pissed off at myself for getting upset and then just fucking up everything because of it. Because of it I just kinda turned off from a lot of shit and just retreated back into my own little world.
Thankfully its been a wonderful week of sitting around watching Mark Davis wrestling because of it so I’m in a good place.

Lift Me Up – Reel

So my depression being bad at least one day this week I was talking to a few friends away from wrestling and work, people I just know, and it kind of made me feel so much better. Just like a general uplifting thing and I didn’t even need to talk about my problems or anything we just talked everything out.

You lift me up, when I needed a friend
You lift me up when I’m close to the edge
‘Cos it’ll all come round in the end
And I’ll lift you up when you need a friend

I don’t get to talk to them all the time because of work and all that but when I need them even without reaching out they tend to be there for me. Love those guys to pieces.

The More I Drink – Blake Shelton

This is kind of what I want tonight to be like just I AM going to drink and I don’t care. I’ve had a bad week mentally and just tired and miserable so want to have some fun with someone who always makes me laugh no matter what. Its gonna be fun getting up to date with what has been going on in his life and telling him all the really stupid stuff that has happened to me.

‘Cause the more I drink, the more I drink
Yeah, I’m the world’s greatest lover and a dancin’ machine
I get loud, I get proud, and it gets worse
Well, if I have one, I’ll have thirteen
Naw, there ain’t no in-between
‘Cause the more I drink, the more I drink

Maybe not the dancing though. Tonight at least.


So its been a interesting week altogether really. I came to terms with some things in my life that aren’t going to get better but you know… At least I’ve come to terms with how much I hate myself.

Looking forward for tonight if only because we’re going to be laughing our asses off for most of it. I think I did a good job of it this week though.

Did also spend the majority of the week playing The Talos Principle and tomorrow when I get some life into me I will be writing something about some of the things that the game has thrown at me. It isn’t the easiest game to read the information you get given when you are having a bad time with depression but its also not been so bad.


2 thoughts on “My Life As a Playlist Week 6”

  1. I’m not sure you would have wanted another reply from that guy would you? I was expecting really angry songs after that idiot on Tumblr. I hate every time you come back you upset someone and then leave again. Stop upsetting people.

    Kind of as I agree with you.

    1. Its not the worst I’ve been called. Not by a long shot. I haven’t left Tumblr I just don’t go on there much. Take more then him to make me leave Tumblr. Plus I LOVE upsetting people. Its my favourite thing.

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