Junji Ito Collection : Window Next Door / Gentle Goodbye

Episode 6

I like that we get different stories every week and even when there was a bad week, which wasn’t last week, I get totally excited to see what is next. You never know what you’ll get with these.

Window Next Door was kinda scary I guess. The woman that was terrorizing the guy in his sleep was ugly, the fact that after he wouldn’t come to her she was going to climb a pole over to see him and then eventually just mutated her house to get to him felt like the start of the story. We never knew what happened after that night though, whilst the image of the woman and the house being mutated to reach across the gap both were visually horrifying that was about it. After that there was nothing. No real end to the story.

I feel I say it way too often but I kind of hope that there is a second part to that story because it just fell real flat ending like that. It felt like it was building up to something and never actually delivered the point to the story.

Are we meant to be afraid that a creepy looking woman was able to mutate her house?

If that is what we were meant to be afraid of or if that was just the ending to it then I dunno, I just don’t feel like its a complete story at all. Again the imagery is horrifying but that isn’t enough to make the story better.

Gentle Goodbye on the other hand was just a sad ghost story. I guessed right off the bat when we saw the ghostly figures in the house and just the way the husband was talking to his wife that one of them was dead. I didn’t really know which one until the midway point, I did though from pretty much the beginning realise that this wasn’t going to be my cup of tea.

It really wasn’t either.

I dunno, I just didn’t care about the main character at all, I was waiting for something to happen to her father seeing she was getting all wound up about it but that didn’t seem like a important part of the story at all in the end. So what she cried about dreaming her dad was going to die? What was the point of it?

Whilst the story itself was a interesting concept I just didn’t see the overall point of having a boring story about it. When he slapped her I thought we’d get something a bit more gruesome but it played out the way I thought it would pretty much from the beginning.

Overall it was a average episode. Both new stories, I hope the first one is a longer story but I doubt it. The first felt too short, the second was just a tad on the boring side.

Its OK thought because next week will be something different and hopefully that’ll be more up my street. I do love the animation though for the “scary” stuff like the woman in this one. Just wish the ending hadn’t let that one down at all.


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