DEFIANT Wrestling / IPW : Defiant #9

This week Billy Wood is trying to get rid of the tag team champions by making them fight each other for the Hardcore belt before fighting for their Tag Team belts.

Gonna be fun.

Winner : Jimmy Havoc

These two are ridiculously funny together. The match starting with Havoc giving Primate a “present” just to shoot him in the head with the staple gun before pouring thumbtacks out of the present bag is just that kind of unique thing that happens in these twos matches.

Proud of Bradshaw for asking why you’d have baking trays under the ring. Something I’ve always wondered myself.

It was a fun match but most importantly it was a normal Havoc vs Primate match where they honestly just tried to murder each other which was great seeing the two of them had a match for their Tag Team belts later on, you wouldn’t blame them for maybe not going as all out as usual knowing they have another match later on.

Havoc finally gets the championship after a slam onto the thumbtacks and then a rainmaker to finish his team mate off. Both guys were bleeding and looked absolutely fucked, hopefully they’ll be able to get themselves sorted for the main event.

Winners : Team Rampage

So Rampage and two trainees vs Gibson and two trainees, if Rampage wins he gets his match against Gibson.

Problem is that Gibson didn’t come out with trainees he came out with the formidable duo of Drake and Alex Gracie. Actually a brilliant little group there and if it wasn’t for the fact that Gibson is perfect on his own and Gracie and Drake have been in a group together before I’d quite like to see them together more often, they’d actually be pretty good as a trio with Gracie and Gibson’s gobs and all three of their talent.

As you would guess these three dominated the match, taking out Rampage right from the start and isolating his trainee in the ring to work over. When Rampage did get back up the look on his face would kill and when he got in the ring oh my they had a very angry Rampage who went straight for Gibson. That would be his downfall if it wasn’t for the fact that its Rampage and he could fight a whole locker room of people if he wanted and still win.

Gibson ran away and Rampage won.


If that is their 5 guys for the 5-on-5 match at the PPV next week I’m fully team IPW. Sorry but I just have to support Aussie Open from now on. My babes.

Winners : Gabriel Kidd & Prince Ameen

Pre-match promo was better then some of the ones he’s given but not particularly Pastor like.

I don’t really get the whole point of Kidd teaming with someone whose whole story so far has been that he’s been brainwashed. I guess this match is meant to be a “unbrainwashing” for Ameen, Kidd will get through to his tag partner through the match. Problem is Ameen decided to act like a zombie, Slater was slightly better at being the lost sheep following Eavers and it all went a little… Too Scooby-Doo even for me who loves this kind of stupidness.

Kidd vs Slater though was a great match.

When Ameen did change his mind and all that it just…. Yeah. This whole thing is failing so much and bringing in Simmons at the end to just beat up Ameen and Kidd. I wish they could just restart the whole thing.


Not much for her to say other then show she’s extremely confident for her match against KLR. In a way I’d like to see her beat KLR but nice to see her confident and just the fact they let her talk to Adam before her match at the PPV.


THERE is a REASON that he’s down there in his wrestling gear. Of course the crowd didn’t actually give a toss about it but we do love Joe Hendry here so I personally wanted to hear from him. He made a challenge to Travis Banks.

In the end it turned out that Hendry had a restraining order put on Banks after Banks attacked him on commentary. Love this feud and wish they would put just a tiny bit more focus on it. Two of the best in Defiant and one of the best stories at the moment. Miss Hendry being in the spotlight every week.

Winners : No Contest

So its also a no-DQ match so…. It was really IPW vs Havoc and Primate which makes you wonder where the hell the REST of the DEFIANT roster are when IPW have all their guys out there. They did in the end come out, it took them a while and two referee’s being downed by Damien Dunne.

It was a bit of a funny ending really. When DEFIANT finally got their ass in gear the match just kind of ended.

Match wise it was obviously just a chance to see I’m guessing the guys on the DEFIANT side actually step up to IPW but I would have kind of liked to see Haskins getting taken out and actually pinned instead of the match just ending.

Crazy ending but crazy good ending. Can’t wait for Chain Reaction.


Absolutely fantastic show, the best since turning into DEFIANT. Every match was great, even though the Eavers stuff I’ve finally had enough of and can’t even pretend to like it the episode was brilliant.

Jimmy Havoc has been a absolute star in this whole war between DEFIANT and IPW, it is kinda sad that guys like Kirby have kind of disappeared a little but I’m also really happy that we’ve got to see a lot of different guys with IPW appearing. I hope this continues after Chain Reaction and if it doesn’t we at least get to see some people on DEFIANT as well… I probably am now going to spend all my money on buying OnDemand streams for anyone that has Aussie Open on them though because I just love them.

Its kind of funny to think not that long ago, or it was quite a while ago but it doesn’t feel that long ago, that Joe Hendry was the top guy in WCPW with the belt and a whole team surrounding him. I said it in their bit but Banks and Hendry are two of the best wrestlers in DEFIANT but they also just happen to be two of the most interesting guys as well. I really wish they’d had this story when Hendry was champion because it would have been a great championship story.

Favourite match was the Hardcore match, thought the ending of the show was fantastic. Eavers stuff needs to probably get a restart and move away from Kidd and Ameen or else its just going to completely die.

I just love Damien Dunne though. He’s so adorable. How can you not love that fun hating little dude?

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