5 Things…. My Top 5 Inside No. 9 Series 4 Episodes!

If you are wondering what happened to the 6th episode it was very easy to just cut off “And The Winner is…” because I really didn’t like it so obviously whatever wasn’t in this list just came in dead last.

Plus no spoilers so if you haven’t seen it, not that you’d want to see someone’s top 5, it’ll be safe.

5. To Have and To Hold

Probably one of the darkest episodes and most unsettling ones they’ve done. It is one of those episodes that you think that you know what is happening and then the twist comes and turns everything on its head.

I wasn’t expecting the episode to be what it was and it really is one of the best twists in the show, unfortunately it was a slow build up and I didn’t really like the chemistry between Steve Pemberton and Nicola Walker though both played their part wonderfully.

Out of ALL Inside No. 9 episodes it’ll be middle to bottom of the lot but stood out probably more as being average to me in this one because all the rest of them were so good.

4. Once Removed

The concept of telling a story slowly going backwards was interesting and it was really well done in Once Removed. We saw the end of the story and the mystery unraveled from there. You went from wanting to know what happened, to getting to know certain characters to hating some and feeling sorry for others.

Of all the episodes I think this for me had the happiest ending because when you know what really happened and you know what is going on in its own evil way it was Karma.

Again the absolute perfect cast and it mixed some really sad and dramatic moments into a overall rather comedic episode.

3. Zanzibar

When the series opener aired I didn’t think they would be able to top it.

A story told in Iambic Pentameter that even Shakespeare would be proud of with mistaken identities, a murder plot and a happy ending after. The cast were perfect in their timing and it was just so fun to watch.

Jaygan Ayeh on reflection was probably the absolute best part of the episode, as pretty much the narrator of the piece as well as one of the players he kept the story interesting for us and made you care about what was going on. A brilliant performance by him as well as Rory Kinnear who played two of the most important roles in the episode.

Good fun all around.

2. Tempting Fate

Picking one and two was hard because the season finale was just so good. Dealing in curses, wishes and whether to mess with fate it was a dark and thoughtful story to end the series with.

I loved the use of Nigel Planer which I didn’t really feel I could say much about in the review without giving too much away. It was a really great use of a lot of different ideals behind wishes and cursed items which included showing how certain wishes, the normal wishes everyone wishes for can turn badly.

1. Bernie Clifton’s Dressing Room

Its one of those episodes that you just don’t think you’ll get in Inside No. 9 then it happens and you are left blown away. Whilst I might not be the biggest fan of 12 Days of Christine this one is up there in the emotional blow it hits you at the end.

Just good old fashioned fun and games when a former comedy duo gets back together just for the story to be much more sad then we thought it could ever be. The always undeniable chemistry of Shearsmith and Pemberton made it a timeless classic. The twist at the end was just heartbreaking and ended a whirlwind 30 minutes that you’ll want to watch time and time again.

In a series of top quality episodes this one stood out the most.


This series has been one of the best so far in its four series run and it doesn’t surprise me that it is already confirmed that there will be a series 5. Its got a story for everyone and every week is something completely different. I couldn’t tell you how much I enjoyed this series because its just amazing how brilliant nearly every episode was, and the two I didn’t like are probably someone else’s number one and two because that is the great thing about the show. It caters to everyone and we’ll all have different favourites.

I can’t wait to see what they think up for series 5. Let me know which were your favourite episodes in the comments!


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