One Piece : Somewhere, Someone is Wishing For Your Happiness

Chapter 887

Welcome to day 2 of catching up with One Piece.

Luffy is going to power up his Observation Haki, there is a war going on and the cake is in the middle of it and the Sunny is just chillin’ trying to keep out of trouble.

No doubt all THREE stories will be looked at in this chapter and none will really progress a single bit.

To be fair I was wrong. It was all about how Bege actually had a plan and how them lot got out with the cake but with a very small amount of time to finish it before they arrive at Big Mom who is back on the heels of the Sunny.

I loved that Bege’s ship was able to go on land too, it made so much sense if you really think about it. That guy is unstoppable he wouldn’t just have a water based vehicle, he’s a mob boss of course his ship will be able to go on land. It was a great part of the chapter and a great thing for Bege, I’ve really grown to love that guy in this story and I’m starting to feel like when Luffy finally gets to the end of his story that I want to see these guys from the Worst Generation all there with him. They might not always get on but I feel like this isn’t just Luffy’s journey we’re seeing now. Its like the first half WAS Luffy’s journey to get to here but now its like a group effort to get through to the end.

Like a game that you cap out at and then just have to go into Co-op if you want to progress.

I like that feeling though. Luffy isn’t one that would turn his back on others and whilst other crews have their ways of dealing with things I also feel that they’ve got pretty much the same goal and they got to the mid-way point together and they’ll get to the end together. Whilst Luffy has one goal I feel guys like Bege kind of figure out that they have other things that are more important, maybe that is why someone like Shanks who is seen to be able to stop a war with a look hasn’t followed in Rogers footsteps. Not because he can’t but because he learnt something more important on his road to it?

I dunno I just like the idea of not forgetting who Luffy actually got to the end in the end.

Lets face it Luffy wouldn’t be this far into all this if it wasn’t for Bege. Right now its very obvious that this cake would never get anywhere near Big Mom if it wasn’t for Bege.

Then again Bege could just become part of Luffy’s fleet that Luffy doesn’t want. In the end I feel like the whole lot of them could be a lot closer then they think.

I actually really enjoyed the chapter though, it was much better then the last few.

Still don’t really want Big Mom to be defeated though. Whilst it will be a win for both Luffy and Bege I dunno. I kinda want Law to be there as well when she goes down for good. But that is just me. Plus I like the idea of them escaping and then having this bloody horrible giant family chasing them, to a point I want them to be a prologue to Blackbeard. I think Shanks will probably be their last port of call but I can see them beating Kaido then a war between Blackbeard happening and just as they think they have a one-on-one they get trapped in the middle of Blackbeard and Big Mom.

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