Inside No. 9 : Tempting Fate

With the happy news that there will be a series 5 its still sad that we’re saying goodbye to series 4 which has been of the absolute highest quality it could be. It never feels like we have enough episodes no matter how much we prepare ourselves for the 6 wonderful treats we always get.

Tempting Fate was just as fantastic as the majority of the season. It was a absolute corker.

I enjoyed the look at wishing and the rules to wishes, you always wish you had a magic lamp to wish your problems away and Tempting Fate reminded us that most tales about magical wishes ended in disaster as careless wishes and fate itself will take a price in the end.

For me Shearsmith was the absolute highlight of the episode, his character Nick was the voice of reason for the entire episode not that anyone would listen to him. Naive Maz (Weruche Opia) just wouldn’t listen and the thought of wishing herself into a better position was too much of a opportunity to be missed whilst nay-sayer Keither (Pemberton) spent the entire episode acting like the two of them were crazy for believing in the curse and wishes.

This season I’ve tried so hard not to give any twists away and I’m going to be the same this time out too because even the smallest hint at what happens in the last part of the episode will ruin a fantastically wonderful ending.

It was one of those episodes that just highlighted the witty writing of Shearsmith and Pemberton. Three extremely different characters, two with tragic backstories, thrown together in a suffocating location and having more of a adventure, getting more character development then most blockbuster movies in the cinema!

I hope I get to see Weruche Opia in more as well, she handled the crazy dialogue so well. Her character Maz wasn’t the smartest but her comic timing with some of the words she got wrong was just brilliant, I was in tears when she explained to Keith that they were just looking for the gentleman’s prostate instead of probate. She was a wonderful addition to a double act that very rarely needs anyone else. Her fate didn’t surprise me and in a very short period of time you just fell in love with her crazy character. Its one of those times you wish the episodes were longer or the character would come back for another story. I think she might in fact be one of my favourite characters in the whole of Inside No. 9.

Very much one of those episodes that every time you think you know what it is that is going on it changes. As well as being extremely funny it was also thought provoking and in the end extremely sad with a few twists along the way.

The last two weeks I haven’t been 100% sure on the episodes but series 4 has ended on just as big, if not a bigger, highlight as it started. It was genuinely one of the best series they’ve had so far and nearly every single one of the episodes were a classic. I’ve enjoyed this series a lot and for this weeks 5 Things… on Thursday I’ll be putting them in order of my favourites (not really a spoiler for that blog but I won’t be putting last weeks episode in the list as I didn’t like it at all so that’s how we’re cutting it down to 5!)

Can not wait for the next series!


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