One Piece : That’s The Way I Live

Chapter 886

Don’t even point out just how late I am once more with these reviews, just don’t. There isn’t a point. We’ll get this sorted out though. Still with Big Mom and all that.

So coming back to it after taking some time off it instantly reminded me why I got bored with it. Its taking so long for anything to be done and when the smallest part of the story starts to progress it changes direction completely and starts something else off.

When the cake is finally done Oven attacks Chiffon and we end the chapter with Bege ported at the Island and ready for war with Oven. I don’t really think it’ll be the end of Bege but I also kind of just want the cake to be on the ship and heading to Big Mom. I think I read that this was going to be like another year of story before moving on but it feels like it is just dragging it all on now.

Plus it doesn’t really help that it still flashes through three different stories. So after watching Sanji and the Cake Group get like the whole of a corner away from where they were fighting Oven and now in the middle of a battle between Oven and Bege, we go to the Sunny for the whole of two seconds which was completely pointless other then to tell us they were nearing where they had to be before flashing to Luffy’s story and people reporting seeing him running around before actually getting to Luffy who has decided he’s going to work the hell out of his Haki to see into the future and beat Dogtooth.

So the Cake squad is at war.

Sunny crew is trying not to get in Big Mom’s way or end up in the middle of something they can’t win.

Luffy is going to beat Dogtooth at his own game by becoming stronger then him and advancing his observation Haki to the level of Dogtooth WHICH I actually like. Whilst I wanted Luffy to lose and have to find a way to escape its actually interesting that they didn’t just have him level up but he’s using his brain and he’s going to actually work on something like his observation Haki and become stronger in a different way.

It just is taking its time to get to anything important and for the first time I’m not really enjoying reading chapters even when I have a whole bunch to catch up with. Its very much a story that you need to read in one go because there is so many times that they just have like two pages of randomness to fill up with a pointless chat or tiny bit of information.

Hopefully it gets better.

Then again we also need to find out why a full moon is so important to Carrot.

If she turns into a WareRabbit I’m going to go all Wallace and Gromit on your behinds.

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