Kokkoku : The Fifth Moment

Episode 5

For what feels like a change we didn’t get the annoying ending to a episode of Juri nearly being killed just for it to be not as bad as they made it look in the opening seconds of the next episode.

In fact this episode focused on Majima to begin with and what happened to her when she went into Stasis all those years ago. In fact the only reason they did was because for some reason she’d got a stone like the one the religious guys are using and when the Grandfather did it to him and Juri he just so happened to send her family in too.

Turns out that whilst maybe if you do live a life of sin or something in this place you can turn into a Handler like the Grandfather said but what we do know is giving up hope and falling to despair will turn you into Handlers, which is what happened to Majima’s family.

Majima and Juri meeting becomes the most anticipated part of this story.

I honestly don’t think Majima is angry at Juri for anything, she didn’t do anything to her family and she was only a little girl when she expelled Majima though that also saved Majima’s life as she was about to be taken as a Handler too. I think the two are curious about each other and their stories and it would be cool to see them get to talk and neither end up hurt, Majima just wants to take the bones of her family home though how likely that will be now we’ve seen their Handlers in another experiment I don’t know.

Also the father is beyond annoying. Always blaming others for his problems and when the Grandfather and Juri come to save him spending more time fighting them then just escaping. Then again neither Juri or her Grandfather felt like explaining why Juri being with them was important or even really hurry to escape even with people following them. It was a odd scene to say the least but at least Sako and Majima are on Juri’s heels without the main antagonist with them.

Episode ends once more with Juri perfectly safe but the cliffhanger death is for Tsubasa.

Whilst I’m sure that he’ll be fine and I’m happy that Makoto has got away if he does die in the next episode I’ll be upset. There was childhood trauma, at least in his eyes, to Tsubasa so I’d like to know what happened to him. Again did he get taken into Stasis the same way Juri was or did the Grandfather just prefer Juri to Tsubasa anyway? He’s a interesting character and I don’t even know why but I’d love to explore him more and his relationship with his nephew is sweet.

Another good episode and nice to learn something concrete about the Handlers and the world in general as well as properly explaining who Majima is and what she wants.


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