Junji Ito Collection : The Ongoing Tale of Oshikiri / Cloth Teacher

Episode 5

Last week was by far my favourite episode, Shiver and House of Puppets were amazing stories and both scary and shiver inducing in their own ways. Wonder what we get this week?

I usually do it story by story but Cloth Teacher was the return of Soichi! Man could I do with just a series of his crazy antics. I mean I have to say it wasn’t the best idea to start a series that was being heralded as a horror series with him or the story they told, in fact if they had started with Cloth Teacher it might not have been so bad because in its way it was both comedic and unsettling. I really enjoyed it to be honest, then again I do find dolls a bit creepy anyway.

Souichi is a fun character and personally I enjoy him but I understand why others wouldn’t. I like that we are getting more stories from the ones that have more then one story though as Souichi and the Model in particular both interested me so much that I want to see more of them.

The whole stuff with Soichi having his butt exposed had me laughing my head off.

As for The Ongoing Take of Oshikiri its one that really relied on the gruesome imagery but didn’t really do much for me. When we found out that his house was really a portal into another world and there was a Oshikiri on the other side that was experimenting on people and sending the failed experiments to the world we were in it became interesting but that was the last part of the story. The bully and the girl being turned into monster did nothing for me though when we thought our Oshikiri had been turned into a monster and the animation for it my stomach did turn a little.

Overall that really is a story that I feel can’t be told in short and if it is just a short then it was probably better read then watched.

Though there was the whole dramatic ending with the other feet showing up behind Oshikiri just as the evil Oshikiri had died and warned them of other evil Oshikiri’s that could get through.

Overall not a bad episode but Oshikiri didn’t do anything for me and I’m not sure relaying on the comic relief is the best thing.

I could very much watch a series of just Souichi stories, he’s funny and there is enough visual nastiness for me. I know others want the other stories and stuff but so far the two Soucihi stories have been my favourites probably for the wrong reasons. I just love his character though.

Hoping for the Fashion Model to make a return!


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