DEFIANT Wrestling / IPW : Defiant #8

Not much is going to top the Internet Championship match last week but with Austin Aries vs Gabriel Kidd this week it is going to be interesting to see what happens.


So I missed the very beginning of this whole thing but I tuned in to hear Kirby asking for a title match and Billy Wood coming out to tell him that he lost to Mark Haskins so he isn’t getting a title match in fact he’s having the day off. I’m guessing that means something happened to Gabriel Kidd? If not I’m not sure why he’d be asking for a title match when there is already one planned on for the night.

Did like his normal Kirby behaviour of just refusing to leave though. We’ve all seen this before!

Winner : Kay Lee Ray

So I couldn’t make it out. It was a handicap match yet the commentators whilst agreeing with this also made it sound like if one of the women on the team won they’d be a champion in their own right not share it. So not like the WWE World Championship match at the Rumble. So it was a triple threat just not in name?

It was a really cool match though. Scott is still the weakest woman in DEFIANT but her and Roxxy together were a good team and kept the pressure on KLR until they turned on each other which gave KLR not only the chance to get the Gorey Bomb but to pin both at the same time.

Really want to see KLR take on Millie now, that is going to be a fantastic match.


Gibson is changing the story so far blaming Rampage for his trainees getting involved and created a match between their trainees. If Gibson’s win he doesn’t have to fight Rampage at the PPV if Rampage’s win the match will go ahead.

He is one of my favourite parts of DEFIANT right now and I loved how he pointed out there was no money in fighting Rampage so he doesn’t want to.

Winners : Hunter Brothers

I don’t know. I don’t think the two teams really worked well together, the Hunter Brothers whole plan was to ground SCC which is the obvious plan when facing them but it made the match feel real stop/starty and also made some of SCC’s moves look really weird.

It was hard to watch to be honest.

SCC’s double team ending that nearly won them the match if it wasn’t for the wrong Hunter Brother being in the ring was super cool and I did like the ending which seemed to be unfair on SCC but at the same time kind of wasn’t either. Great ending for the match really.


So he is still in a match with Austin Aries and he’s going to beat Aries for Prince Ameen then go find him. I’m sure he isn’t going to be that hard to find just find Jurn Simmons who is big enough not to be lost.

Winners : BT Gunn & Joe Coffey

Aussie Open are incapable of having a normal match right? It started with just chaos on the outside of the ring and they just suffocated Gunn and Coffey to begin with. Davis is just super big, extra big and scary (big) and seeing him treat Coffey like he was some tiny little dude was just scary as hell.

They are a great team though Aussie Open, perfect blend of a giant Australian killing people and a smaller Australian running rings around them.

When it got going it was great seeing Davis vs Gunn and Coffey, as you might know I love watching giants fight each other and those are three of the hardest guys in DEFIANT/IPW right now, that isn’t to say I didn’t love Fletcher because he was so unpredictable and you took your eye off it for two seconds and he was flying at people.

The ending of the match was fantastic and happy to see Gunn and Coffey win. Still love Aussie Open though so much.

Winner : Austin Aries

This was a fantastic match, it showed just how big a star Kidd is now whilst making Aries look like a strong as hell champion. Plenty of times during the match you thought that Kidd had it won, it was always a flawed idea to have the man who once had a losing streak fight Aries because it was going to be so easy because of a former losing streak and Kidd showed why he was able to get out of that streak and become Internet Champion and garner the support of all the DEFIANT Wrestling fans.

He looked like he had Aries beat a few times.

What was really nice was that the match didn’t involve any shenanigans they just fought it out one-on-one and we got to see the best of Kidd vs one of the best in the world every day of the week.

In the end Aries was able to get the win and showed his respect to Kidd.


It wasn’t the best episode. Maybe I should have gone back and watched the whole Kirby promo but at the same time I think that is a problem that DEFIANT have. They’ve had him off TV for so long doing nothing important that I didn’t care what he was going on about. I don’t even see why Billy Wood would care about him to be honest.

It felt a bit of a messy episode, not quite as well thought out. Matches were all OK, some were sloppy others were brilliant but not really anything to write home about. Main event was amazing but also flat compared to last weeks main event.

Mark Davis is now my favourtie thing because Liam Slater hasn’t been on for like two weeks and who the hell is he anyway compared to a giant Australian teddy bear?

Realised this week that Lucky Kid has disappeared as well. Was hoping his tag team would stick around but they haven’t been seen and I hope if one of them haven’t been injured or something they’ll make a return soon.

It was just a bit of a flat episode, its why its taken so long to review as I watched it live with my niece but just wasn’t motivated to either review it or watch it again yesterday to review it. Looking forward to this week though.

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