Still Open All Hours S4E6

The season finale and probably the very last episode I’ll watch regardless of if it is back next year. We’ll see if the final episode might actually make me laugh.

It was slightly better.

Whilst again the smart comedy inside a store has disappeared it at least felt a little fun. Granville tricking the cash register at the beginning, wandering around with the money belt on and talking to the register when he was leaving made me laugh.

The triple date made me roll my eyes for reasons I’ve already talked about. When did Madge really care about Gastric? When did the librarian go from having a boyfriend and showing all the signs of being harassed by Leroy to going on a date with him?

Eric and Cyril was…. OK. Much better then it has been. When they waltz’d into the restaurant with Eric dressed as a woman it was the first proper laugh out loud moment in a series devoid of much humour at all.

It was a weak ending to what has been the weakest series so far and has turned me off even giving a fifth season a chance. I mean most episodes had flashes of what made it great but it was rushed story telling in the majority of what you’d call its main storylines and just not enjoyable at times.

Personally though the series was always going to go from bad to worse with the ridiculous Leroy story which just left a bitter taste in my mouth as we were meant to laugh at a poor woman being harassed by a guy who has been shown to be little more then sex crazed. As much as I’d hand wave away the shit he did in other series this time out it was ridiculous and as I said in the biggest hand waving away of logic he gets the woman he wants even though the last time we saw her she gave the biggest “you are a creep leave me alone” line which was that she had a boyfriend. If she had a boyfriend then right now they’ve made her look like a slut, if she doesn’t then that line is actually one many women give to men to make them back off when being harassed. It was stupid. From top to bottom stupid.

I gave the entire series a chance and might watch the first episode of the next series but the likelihood that I will watch the whole thing is slim.

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