Wakefield (2016)

Bryan Cranston stars in the 2016 drama about a man who leaves society to spy on his family from the “comfort” of his garages attic.
I felt like I just watched a film in the head of the most pathetic and ridiculous man you could ever choose to meet. A man who “ran away” to lose himself or some silly notion, ranting about his wife not loving him enough, paranoid that she’s going to cheat on him and treating her like she’s purposely living her life to upset him. He acts like his family is a burden but instead of running away he decides to live in the attic of their garage, eat rubbish and basically become a homeless person because “that is the Howard Wakefield should be.”

He acts like the people he, himself, has surrounded himself with are simplistic and don’t see the world like him. He treats a work colleague like he’s some boring moron, his wife like she’s a fake feminist who doesn’t understand how the “important” part of the home life works, his kids like they should be wrong in being embarrassed by him as he slowly turns into a hobo in the attic and neighbours and friends like their boring and empty.

Right from the start Howard was a absolute dick and ridiculous human being, the longer we see him treating the world like they are below him the more you hate him and when you find out he never actually loved his wife and instead stole her from a friend who actually seemed to adore her as some kind of game to get one up on him. He only packs up and comes back to reality when he felt he was about to lose her again to him after he spends Christmas at their home.

Whilst the film was interesting enough the ending kind of ruined it. A man who is missing and had his face on the TV can just walk into shops and buy a expensive suit with the bare minimum of money in his wallet and not be recognised, plus not being able to see the reaction of his wife or how he explains himself feels like a bit of a cheat. I wanted to see his wife give him a bit of her mind.

For me it only worked because of Cranston. I hated his character, felt his whole monologue was self pitying bullcrap and it only worked because Cranston is a interesting actor to watch. His transformation from businessman to tramp was kinda comical whilst listening to him act like he was in a better place then anyone else. I couldn’t think of a actor that I could watch in this role and not want to rip my ears off whilst listening to them.

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