Kokkoku : The Fourth Moment

Episode 4

So once again Juri is in trouble and once again you kind of know that it isn’t quite as bad as it came across in the episode before. What way will this episode end with Juri in trouble?

What I meant by it isn’t as bad as it looked is that both this time and the strangling time Juri pretty much looked dead just for the next episode when answering the cliffhangers ending it just basically re-showed the moment and it wasn’t half as bad.

What it has done is piss Juri off enough that she’s going to use her power to throw people out of Stasis to fight back. It also managed to get them back to the place they’d left Makoto and Tsubasa and find out not only that they have disappeared but kind of figured out that at least Tsubasa is awake. Obviously they won’t know another person has died in Stasis and Makoto is also awake.

Talking of them two they have gone to see Makoto’s mum and been spotted by one of the bad guys.

Storywise we’re getting to the really interesting part as everything comes together. We now know why and when Juri was last in Stasis, that her grandfather knew about this ability because she nearly kicked him out of Stasis at that point, we know it was Juri that Majima saw when she was in there and that one of her family members was turned into a Herald/Handler so that it isn’t just the Yukawa family that turn into them. The strings of so many mysteries are starting to come together to make this a hard show to have to wait a week for.

Similarly there wasn’t enough of Tsubasa and Makoto this week and whilst I’m not sure what to think of the religious group they seem to have scared the father enough to maybe make him join them.

I wasn’t too sure what to make of the series in episode one but it really has grown on me and the characters are just so interesting. Juri might not have too much to her but I want to see her win, with Majima’s talk about Handlers in this episode it makes me think that the Grandfather is going to stay to become one by the end of the series, I don’t want anything bad to happen to Tsubasa but I feel like something is going to happen to him as he tries and keep Makoto safe. There was also another death so I wonder why Makoto’s mum hasn’t been woken up, the jellyfish seem to hone in on the Yukawa family as the second death was no where near them and yet the jellyfish made its way all the way to him. It will be interesting to see what actually happens in the end. Plus they all seem to need to leave together or at least have the master stone to leave now so in the end they’ll have to work together if they ever want to leave Stasis. Not only that but I really REALLY want to know more about Majima. She’s the most interesting character besides the guy in charge of their group and the tidbits we’ve got about her so far has just made me more interested in her story.

Really can’t wait to see the next episode.


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