Inside No.9 : And The Winner Is…

I wasn’t the biggest of of fans of last weeks episode To Have and To Hold but I was really looking forward to this weeks episode staring Zoe Wanamaker, Noel Clarke and Kenneth Cranham.

Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it at all.

It was funny in places, Zoe Wanamaker made the episode with her need to get out of the judging room as soon as possible and lack of actual enthusiasm for what she was doing. Her character hadn’t bothered to watch what the actresses had done and in fact just stole the reviews from their movies including one written by the film critic in the room. I was hoping for a lot more from Kenneth Cranham but after flashes from him he spent a great deal of the episode doing not much, specially when him getting a hand job from one of the nominees meant that he didn’t really have a voice.

Noel Clarke’s character being badgered by Shearsmith’s character for the whole episode was boring, the angry rant when they asked him first about the black actress started a good few moments where you thought you’d get a little more character development for all the characters but it just kind of ended.

It was pretty boring to be honest.

The twist at the end wasn’t even a really interesting twist and was a little bit on the silly side. It didn’t do anything for the story and wasn’t really that much of a twist, I mean sure it was a twist because Phoebe Sparrow’s character Jackie wasn’t who she came across as but at the same time it just wasn’t something worth sitting through the whole episode for.

That doesn’t mean it was terrible to watch but I think you are always on the edge of your seat waiting for a wonderful moment in these episodes and this was just kind of bland compared to everything that has come before it.

I just didn’t like it much.


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