Still Open All Hours S4E5

Well here we are again. This season has been a chore to watch with the magic spark gone, too many plots and a now unmentionable story that even if it plays a part in this episode and makes me angry I shall not mention.

When Leroy arrived in the back with a product that hadn’t sold that Granville wouldn’t throw away I was hoping for a return to some sort of decent story telling in the way Still Open All Hours has always given in its first 3 seasons.

It actually came a little too late in the episode because we’d already had Mrs Featherstone and Mr Newbold, we’d had Mavis behind the counter with Granville and straight after it before we could get to Cyril and Eric being sold the crappy product we had the most terrible editing of scenes you could ask for with one second Mavis at home with Madge, next minute in the shop showing Granville a photo of their grandfather before flashing to her running down the steps of her house with Madge on their way to the opportunity that Madge is apparently moving them both away to.

So many things I could say and that was only 10 minutes into a 28 minute running time.

Its lost its charm, the fact that Eric and Cyril didn’t even give Granville a chance to tell a story AND HE LET THEM WALK OUT was probably the moment the series just kind of died for me. Granville just isn’t Granville anymore, the comedy of the happenings at a little corner shop is no longer either funny or about the corner shop and the characters development has kind of been ignored in favour of terrible editing together of stories that make no sense.

Madge and Mavis annoy me now. Mavis is a grown ass woman who could say no to moving but has to play along with a silly story to not just stay which she could have done, hell she could move in with Granville if she loved him that much, but to ruin Madge’s idea of having her own business. The Mavis/Granville thing was sweet to begin with but they are both actually extremely selfish now and could just put their foot down and do whatever they want. The Gastric thing was cute but now its just pointless as Madge doesn’t hate him anymore but treating him like how Mrs Featherstone treats her men. I just get annoyed at them.

Cyril and Eric was just pointless, dragged out and pointless as hell.

It wasn’t funny. It wasn’t charming. It was the hardest episode to watch so far.


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