My Life as a Playlist Week 4

My holiday has officially started, three weeks off work with my brand new Nikon D3400 camera to play with and a new niece on her way in the next week.

So how was my last week?!

Feel InvincibleSkillet

This week its been hard. Its felt like its taken forever to be over.

Here we go againi will not give in
I’ve got a reason to fight
Every day we choose
We might win or lose
This is the dangerous life
Hey, hey, hey everyday when I wake
They say that I’m gone; they say that they’ve won
The bell has been rung, it’s over and done
Hey, hey, hey when I need to be saved
They counting me out, but this is my round
Feels like a good way of describing it to be honest. It isn’t even that its been a hard week, I mean the final two days at work were hectic and as it was payday and the first payday for many since before Christmas you can imagine some of the angry customers we had to deal with but it just felt like a fight from beginning to end BUT I wasn’t going to let it get me down. I was going to dust myself off and make it work for me. It was the one week I was under my contracted hours I ended up doing over 10 more hours during the week.
Every day I was determined to make it my day and get on with it.
I feel, I feel it
I feel, I feel it

Everyone Needs a Best FriendNorah Jones

To be honest the support you get where I work is great. Everyone gets on massively and I got to spend most of the week with my work bestie, getting the work done but at the same time chilling out and having fun.

It was kinda sad knowing even if I do go in to see them during my three weeks off that I’m just not gonna be around them properly for three weeks. I miss them. I already miss them and I’ve been gone for less then 24 hours.

How Bad Can I Be?The Lorax Soundtrack

I picked this one because Saturday (last night if I finish it in time) I was meant to go home at 9pm. I was never truly asked to go to work till close but after seeing the mess the store was in and knowing we still had delivery to work I didn’t ask to be sent home and my manager never asked me to leave. After the store closed we were listening to music and Let it Grow came on, I picked How Bad Can I Be? because it is my favourite Lorax song and is the kind of up beat, happy and random song that explains how I’ve felt this week, not the song but the music itself, its been a pretty decent week to be honest.

Plus how bad could anything possibly be when you have three weeks off?!

King is BornAloe Blacc

Well it is Rumble day and this is the 2018 Royal Rumble theme. I’m actually finishing this blog off as the Rumble Kick-Off Show is on. Its a bit of a cheat but to be honest I have been looking forward to the Rumble and its helped me get through the week knowing my holiday starts in this GLORIOUS way.


OK so its a bit of a shitty attempt but its been a good week. A busy week but a good one. I’m much more positive I now have three weeks to get some serious work done on here, my holiday started with a Maccies trip with some of my favourite people including some of the ones I’m going to miss the most, I get to stay up to watch wrestling and drink beer. Its good.

I’m also spending this week, only this week, diversifying my music tastes. Next week will, possibly, be a different kinda playlist so look forward to that.

Hope you all had a good week! Let me know your week in song form in the comments and I hope you have a interesting week whilst I’m on holiday and chilling at home.


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