Junji Ito Collection : Shiver / House of Puppets

Episode 4

First off sorry that a half finished draft was published earlier. I was having a moment and instead of pressing edit I pressed publish because, that is what I do.

If you read any of that this review is nothing like that one because I just restarted it from scratch and deleted the other in a panic.

With that being said this weeks episode left me in a little bit of a panic. I actually watched it at 4am just before I went to bed and it made me extremely uncomfortable for the night. Both of them were just uncomfortable viewing and the thing that nightmares are made of.

Shiver for me was the one that really was nightmare fuel. People being cursed and having holes in their body and then a creepy doctor showing up and ending up with bugs inside them. It was disgusting and just terrifying. When they read the grandfathers diary and we got the explanation of the bugs it made me feel like I had the bugs crawling inside me, it was such a horrible image to have in your mind. But it was when his friend had picked up the cursed jade and had like his eye falling through his face when I was just shivering, yeah shivering ha bloody ha, and I knew I was going to have bad dreams.

House of Puppets was a interesting story but turned into a nightmare. If you don’t like puppets or clowns then its going to be terrifying to watch, the main puppet Jean-Pierre looked like something dreamed up in a nightmare but the whole concept of whether the puppet controls you or you controlling the puppet was interesting. The fact that it was a magic puppet that was controlling them didn’t take away from that interesting point. It turned into a horror show with the puppet killing someone and the people who had been living like puppets actually turning into them. It was brilliant.

This week was probably the best one so far. Both stories felt like complete stories and both were gorey, thoughtful and interesting.

It always is the things he does to human bodies that terrifies me. The puppets and the holes were just horrible, I honestly don’t think I’d ever want to watch either episode again so its good I remembered them so vividly that I didn’t need to re-watch them to write the review. It just isn’t very nice to watch but it is perfect at the same time.

Can’t wait for next week.


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