DEFIANT Wrestling / IPW : Defiant #7

DEFIANT Wrestling is officially being controlled by IPW now. This week kind of feels a bit odd though because we got the announcements for the matches like usual at the end of the episode last week so it doesn’t really feel like this week WILL be under IPW control which… Seeing its only till the PPV in like 3 weeks time is kind of weird.

Oh well we get Bailey vs ZSJ. What more could you ask for?

(Other then Liam Slater vs Damien Dunne. Now that I might beg for.)


So Billy Wood comes down flanked by Damien Dunne and Rob Sharpe. Like there is something about him that I just don’t find threatening or anything. Doesn’t help that he had those bright brown boots on with his black t-shirt an jeans. He didn’t really say much to be honest other then announce a 5 vs 5 match against DEFIANT Wrestling and IPW at Chain Reaction. Oh and Austin Aries vs Gabriel Kidd for next week. Though he kept going 26-0…. Kidd has been on a winning streak recently so not sure why that is funny anymore.

WHY CAN’T WE SEE DAMIEN DUNNE WRESTLE?! WHY?! I’d be on IPW’s side if we got to see him wrestle.

Winners : The Prestige

When I say the Prestige I mean El Ligero and David Starr. I actually think its interesting having him with them, him and Joe Hendry do feel rather Prestigious together. I don’t know about El Ligero, I mean the man himself is pretty Prestigious but as a character…. When I say CCK obviously there is no Kid Lykos so its Brookes and Banks which kind of makes me cringe because the finger in the ear covered in spit puts me off, it is meant to but I don’t do bodily fluids at all.

THANKFULLY they got it out of the way pretty fast and when it was safe to look Brookes had tagged in Travis Banks.

It was a really good match, there was a lot of crazy things happening whenever Brookes was in the ring but when Banks got in there was some seriously amazing wrestling, not that the others didn’t wrestle as well but Banks is like a wrestling machine and it makes me want so many David Starr vs Travis Banks matches.

In the end The Prestige got the win which made Joe Hendry who kind of hijacked the match on commentary and was making fun of Banks in the commentary area after they won which sent Banks out to knock him the hell out.

We do not deserve a wrestler as amazing as Travis Banks.


How can the same promo every single week be so fun? I hate him so much but in the way I’m meant to hate him. He just says the same thing all the time and its annoying but in the right way.

Though its funny a company that is always in trouble for apparently not paying talent was called by Gibson a company that loves throwing money away. Gibson vs Rampage is really, truly one of the best things in DEFIANT at the moment.

Winner : Millie McKenzie

It nearly was the first thing to come out of Bradshaw’s mouth that Xia Brookside is Robbie Brookside’s daughter, it was actually about the third thing he said, “I wonder if it annoys her that people keep saying she’s his daughter” though you know the only person that keeps saying it is the guy that muttered that sentence.

Honestly one of my favourite women’s matches this year so far. I love McKenzie so much, she looks like a proper fighter, like a gladiator, that has stumbled into a wrestling ring and is just going to destroy her opponent. Xia and her worked so well together BUT my biggest problem is that McKenzie kind of wins out of nowhere and it never feels like a actual end to a match. NOT that I don’t think she deserves to win them it just feels like a flat ending.

Bea came out after the match and OMG I love Bea and I’m happy she’s back. Her entrance is amazing and she’s so cool, she really is the face we need back in the mix.

Winner : Millie McKenzie

McKenzie is like the female Brock Lesnar. The bell rings and she’s just throwing Priestley around, three suplexes before Bea is able to kind of stop her. Instead of bringing a faster and different style to McKenzie, Bea matched her with the strikes and then wrapped her up in a submission.

It was amazing to watch. Bea’s kicks have become so much more deadly and she matches Banks in her kicks now.

Not surprised that Millie won and happy she’s got a championship match. DEFIANT have a very interesting women’s division and I hope they keep adding to it. She’s the number one contender though next week KLR is defending against both Veda Scott and Miss Roxxy. It makes little sense but I’m excited.

Winner : Zack Gibson

It was the normal kind of thing. Gibson makes a speech about Mihai not being ready, he agrees but before he’s gone Gibson insults him so he comes down for the fight. The fight is one sided but Mihai gets a lucky break that nearly gets a upset but after that Gibson just destroys Mihai.

Perfect story to continue the Gibson/Rampage thing. The beat down was pretty horrible afterwards and he then chucked Mihai out. I really like Gibson and this was the perfect match to continue their story.


The way I love my Ameen’s. Quiet and subservient. Though I said that he was doing a better job of acting out that Eavers is brainwashing them but then he started talking and sounded like a robot. I don’t think I’m ever going to be happy with any of the acting in this story but it is still my favourite.

Winner : Zack Sabre Jr

This match was honestly everything I thought it would be. ZSJ just did his normal keeping his distance then pouncing to destroy by twisting his opponent in the wrong direction, Bailey used his unique style to counter him and try and keep ZSJ at bay with long kicks and his lightening fast feet. What Bailey needs to learn, what me and the rest of the world knows, is that ZSJ never seems to feel pain, he allows you to hit him so he figures out where you are hitting him and come up with a plan to grab you and pretzelise you.

I learnt tonight I don’t know how to spell pretzel, or maybe I do but I’m using pretzelise for the rest of my life, its the perfect word for what ZSJ does.

The double knees to ZSJ back that didn’t get a three count along with the sequence in the corner before it was just amazing. You really felt that Bailey had it, he was able to get some choice kicks to ZSJ’s head but like always it didn’t take long for ZSJ to reverse it into a half Boston crab that ended the match.

It was a breathtaking match.


Well it was amazing.

Surprised that ZSJ retained as he seems too busy to defend the title that often and I feel that is a problem them have with him and KLR though at least KLR is around more often then him. I mean fair enough they are big stars elsewhere but there is so much talent in DEFIANT that I feel like having two titles with people who are away so much isn’t the best idea.

Not that I wanted Bailey to win because I’m a huge fan of ZSJ so I’m happy he won.

Storytelling the IPW thing will come more into effect next week then it did this week, I still really want a Damien Dunne match but I’m patient. I’ll wait. Gibson/Rampage I’ve said a few times that is getting real interesting but it was Banks/Hendry that shone. I mean when you think their feud is coming to a end it just heats up and I think beating Joe Hendry will be a big thing for Banks because Hendry up until the DEFIANT switch and all that was THE MAN in WCPW. He had been there or there abouts for what seems like forever and when he had the title his heel run was so good. Just so very good. I honestly feel they are downplaying it a little because this feud could really put Banks up in the limelight and a natural face (as in his face not him being a face because he’s just as good as a heel) in the title picture.

Women’s division is healthier then its ever been I just hope they keep bringing new faces and would love to see Session Moth come back. Great to see Bea back.

Loved it.

Sorry if it seems I rambled a little, I did write this review after working a 2pm-12am shift (I was meant to finish at 9pm then decided to stay late then got home at 1am after a staff trip to McDonalds) I just really wanted to finish the review when I was awake and had time on my own. DEFIANT is going from strength to strength and I am so happy to see that.


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