Inuyashiki Final Thoughts

Recommend : 100% Yes

So a few weeks back I finished watching Inuyashiki, its taken me a little time to get my thoughts together on what was a fantastic anime which I really can’t recommend enough.

Lets just remember this.

The main character was a 50 year old man who had prematurely aged and found out he was going to die.

By the midway point he shared the spotlight with a messed up kid who only felt alive when he was killing people.

It was a true showing of the same event happening to two very different people and them reacting in the complete opposite ways. Both had been killed and returned as cyborgs. Whilst Inuyashiki, who had lived his life and always been overlooked, knew he was dying anyway I honestly think the worst that had happened to Hiro was that his family had been broken apart and his father had moved on to better whilst him and his mum struggled to survive. He was a intelligent boy and as far from being overlooked at school as you could get.

One found the ability to feel alive by saving others.

One thought he found the ability to feel alive by killing others.

From beginning to end the series was just sad. You felt for Inuyashiki all the way through. His family were horrible until they found out that he was a hero saving lives, even then though he went to work and was ignored and that was with his good deeds plastered all over the news! He was just a nobody who had a dog that adored him and powers he didn’t quite understand that he tried to use for the betterment of those around him. Every single part of his story was sad yet heart warming. His friendship with Ando was especially sweet.

Ando himself was a wonderful character and the proof that age had nothing to do with Hiro and what he did. Being friends with Hiro and liking the same things he actually was picked on to the point that he stopped attending school, at no point even after he knew Hiro was a bad guy, did he really stop loving his friend. He is the proof that there was something else going on with Hiro that we never got to explore.

When it comes to Hiro he probably killed more people then any other bad guy that I’ve come across. He did it for pleasure, he did it in the most cold hearted of ways, yet he never really did it for the reasons he said. I think he was a very empty young man who loved his mother, if he’d just been stealing money to make a better life for her I’d have understood it. His relationship with Shion made me think that maybe it was just positive re-enforcement he wanted. His mother seemed like his world but she also seemed lovely so I don’t know why he’d turn out the way he did to be honest. He’ll forever be a mystery to me.

Those three elements mixed together to give a really sad story. The struggle between Inuyashiki and Hiro didn’t last for long but it was a dramatic battle that made me cry and it was well placed in the series. This series also had one of the most traumatic deaths for me, the baby in episode 2 or 3 that Hiro killed, it’ll always stick with me as one of the hardest things to watch because you just knew that it was going to happen and after hearing the father beg for the child’s life just to know that in the end it was his dead weight that killed his son is heartbreaking. It is even worse when you come to the conclusion that I did that Hiro just…. Did it for the kicks. Not to feel alive like he said but because he was just a messed up guy.

It has a little bit of everything from human drama, action, big explosive battles and a cute doggo who makes you go AWWWWW.

I recommend it to anyone who wants a good story with characters you fall in love with. Its just a fantastic story and so well written. I loved it from the first episode though I do have to say you will need to carry tissues with you because it will make you weep.

Such a great series.

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