Kokkoku : The Third Moment

Episode 3

We ended episode two with Juri being attacked and Tsubasa awake again. The world of Stasis is slowly starting to make sense as new information comes to light.

I’m not sure I enjoy the fact that we seem to have a pattern starting of Juri in life threatening situations to end the episode. We thought she was dead last week just to find out that it brings out her special Stasis power which is the ability to expel the Specters from people’s bodies making them into Stalled. She does it to escape with the stone and it also ends up answering my question from last year.

Yes, yes it does seem to have been Juri that met Majima, the strange woman with the other group, 17 years ago. Thing is Majima talks like she had that power once so I wonder if the reason it seems to have been traumatic to Juri to the point she can’t remember it is that she was expelled from Stasis by Majima? It would make sense if is meant to be extremely powerful, she’d only have been about 5 at the time and it would make sense to why Majima wants to talk to her. She might want to find out exactly what happened to the girl she expelled from Stasis.

Either way its made Majima interesting enough that I think I remember her name right and made Juri’s past much more interesting.

Talking of pasts with the experiment on whether the Herald was getting smaller having been completed and another dead persons jellyfish hanging around it means a wake up call for Makoto.

Tsubasa has finally calmed down and now there is a little comedy relief in the episodes, or at least this one, as Tsubasa and Makoto run riot through town. There was a moment when Makoto asked about the kidnapping and Tsubasa did a quick equation about traumatic events leading to PTSD which lead to his life so I’m still hoping that there is much more about his character then being a dead beat and comic relief as a babysitter in a world that has been stopped. I loved their time together though as it was fun and it is true that kids tend to adapt to situations better so Makoto just finding it fun to run around and mess about was great.

It does mean that they are going to have to be found though and as they decided to go home they’ll probably be found by Majima who is still currently at the house. I don’t really want anything horrible to happen to either of them, I really don’t want either to be kidnapped again but as Juri is in trouble and there seems to be way too many of them about to actually ever hide from them it isn’t going to be long before they run into trouble as they don’t even know that trouble is around.

Really thought it was a great episode.

Kokkoku’s story is going along nicely. The world we’ve been transported to is slowly being explained away, the strange things going on don’t seem so strange anymore and I’ve personally become invested in the characters. I still think a good few of them are quite bland but there is enough mystery in some of their actions or back stories that you want to keep watching to see if it ever gets explained.

Turning out to be a really good show.


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