5 Things… First 5 things I can see right now

A random bonding session (not bondage, you have to pay for that kind of privileged) between us all. I’m going to tell you the first 5 things that catch my eye in my bedroom, where I am writing this blog, and you get to tell me the first 5 things that you see, wherever it might be that you are reading this.

5. Adult Colouring Book

Just a cheap “soothing” one that I bought at work. I do have a bunch from the Enchanted Garden to Dr Seuss but this one which has just been chucked on the floor was a purchase I got when I didn’t have any pens or pencils really so I didn’t mind if it ended up shit but it was something to take my depression out on.

At that time I was pretty depressed. I think I was so depressed I’ve basically dumped it in that spot and never touched it again. I did however start colouring in a page of the Dr Seuss one the other day and remembered why I hated these books, for some reason I never seem to be able to buy half decent pens so get depressed when they run out….

4. Michelangelo figures

You might not know that I’m a huge fan of TMNT and my favourite is obviously Mikey so I have a few figures of him lying around. From a Funko Pop I brought back from Taunton with me last year to a bobble head that my niece gave me for my birthday.

I do like my Michelangelo figures.

3. The Life of Ayrton Senna

I glanced on my book shelf and the first book that popped out was this one. I mean I have millions of books all over the place, my Discworld ones are stored neatly, my Skullduggery ones are piled on the floor as I’m meant to be re-reading them, I have history books galore on the shelf and my Harry Potter collection as well as a few Doctor Who novels and CSI books but it was the hulking mass of The Life of Ayrton Senna, a book that changed my opinion on him greatly, that stands out.

Mainly because its pretty big and the words are in chunky white lettering.

A throwback to when I was obsessed with F1.

2. My Lidl Calendar

No I’m not a weirdo who buys a calendar of my workplace, we got given them for free in this Christmas box thing they give us every year. I usually have a wrestling related one that Amanda makes on Funky Pigeon using my photos but as I didn’t go to many shows last year she didn’t have too much to actually use so when I got this one free I just told her not to bother at all!

I use it for obvious things. This year I’ve written on it whenever blogs are meant to come out as well as my work hours and codes for all sorts of ridiculous things. Its also pretty neat because it has recipe’s on it, this month is chicken noodle soup, I might try and make it next week!

1. My Adam Pacitti Autograph

Never met him, bought it off of WhatCulture’s website, didn’t even bother to get it personalised but I love the man so much I’ve had it framed and its on my desk keep a eye over me as I sleep.

As creepy as that sounds.

I have a few autographs on proper photos, most of the ones I’ve picked up are on posters and I didn’t really look after them all that well, but my Adam Pacitti one is my most precious wrestling related one. My absolute favourite is my Colin Baker one and Adam might be joint second with Chris Barrie.


So come on and join in. Name the first 5 things you see and lets get to know each other better!


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