Staxel First Thoughts…

After buying Staxel with a coupon on Steam the other day I sat down to play it for 2 hours today and see what it is like.

A farming game in the styles of Stardew Valley with social pieces like Animal Crossing in the style of Minecraft. What could go wrong?

First up I guess I have to say that I played in Creative Mode in Single Player. This means that money is pretty pointless as everything is free and probably ruins the experience of the game a little but I thought I’d give it a safe go first because I don’t like nasty surprises I guess.

Customization of the characters is basic without modding, you get to choose between being a cat person, a elf or a human and change your hair colour and some of your clothes as well as eyes. Very simple. You are instantly met by a NPC named Farm Fan who blathers on for a bit before taking you on a “tour” of the town and then to your farm. It gives you a bit of a look into what you need to do but will also show you the problems you will have.

My laptop isn’t top of the range but its never had a problem running any game I’ve played so far on it but this one it really struggles with. It isn’t crashing or stuttering but you can just feel it not liking the world it was dumped in. The map had too much going on in it, flowers and trees everywhere and the buildings are absolutely amazing but it felt like you were on the edge of the game just breaking down on screen. It was so bright I don’t think my eyes could deal with it for longer then a few hours at a time.

On top of that the controls were quite clunky. I played with my mouse and building my barn was a chore, to then be told you could get quests to build whole houses for people just terrified me. That was about my limit for the day.

During building my barn I also had the problem of the day seeming to go way too fast for me, unlike Stardew Valley where I can get a lot done I found myself spending a good three days just getting a tiny little barn made. I didn’t sleep, though that didn’t seem to matter like in Stardew, but I did forget to feed my pet which was upsetting when I went to check on him and saw him sad, which doesn’t happen in Stardew.

Its going to take a little time for me to get used to it, whilst its Minecraft in style and Stardew in feel its got its own unique feel which I’m sure I’ll get used to because overall it is addictive. Sure 2 hours doesn’t sound like much but it really is like Minecraft and Stardew in so much as the second you start playing it you’ll want to play it even when you don’t want to play it.

Whilst it might sound like a negative review of the game trust me it isn’t. I think on better computers it’ll play better and you’ll get used to the controls. I do like that it keeps you at what it thinks is the best angle to read the text but then you also need to stand at a half decent angle to begin with and not at odd angles like I did.

It is fun though and I do think its worth buying and supporting the game.

Trust me the pet dog is adorable as are all the animals I’ve seen so far and its worth it just for that. You really should get it just for the cows.

I’ll probably play it off of Creative mode at some point and report back on both the single player without Creative and multiplayer.


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