Inside No. 9 : To Have and To Hold

Series 4 has been amazing so far and it’ll be interesting to see if episode 4 will keep it up.

For me it didn’t.

It was a slow burner with a wonderful twist and a fantastic second twist but by the time it got there I’d lost interest. For me it was hard to get into, Adrian (Pemberton) and Harriet (Nicola Walker) were interesting enough characters but the whole point was that it was a marriage in trouble and the awkwardness surrounding the two meant that it was hard to care what either had done or what they could do. By the time we found out Adrian’s dark secret we’d found out about Harriet’s affair and been witness to the most awkward roleplay ever and whilst I loved Walker as Harriet I just didn’t care.

Saying that it wasn’t a terrible episode either.

Steve Pemberton playing the reserved Adrian with a dark secret was brilliant, you felt sorry for him right up till you found out what he was up to. He seemed like a lovely man and I guess that is actually true of many people who do horrible things. You felt sorry for him because whilst he might have been a flirt his wife had cheated on him. By the end you probably could never watch the episode again without looking at him like a monster. It was strangely one of my favourite characters Pemberton has ever played and his story alone would have been interesting.

His wife Harriet was also a interesting character on her own. Nicola Walker I think played the part perfectly. It was awkward for them, she was trying and she knew she’d done wrong. I loved how she didn’t shy away from calling Adrian out for being awkward when they’d agreed to give it a second chance.

Somewhere though it just didn’t mesh well together and whilst I thought the end was fantastic it also just fell a little flat.

By far the weakest episode so far this season but still a fantastically dark and twisty tale worth watching.


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