Kokkoku : The Second Moment

Episode 2

There were a lot of questions I had at the end of episode one and I wasn’t too sure on whether I enjoyed it or was just fascinated to find out if we’d get answers to those questions so here I am at episode two.

So Stasis does work how I think it does and we learn that the group had been watching the family for the moment that they would go into Stasis so that they could enter that period at the same time so it all makes sense. Whilst the grandfather did explain it so that personally I still think you wouldn’t be able to be in the exact same time unless you were taken there with that family it at least explains it enough that I’m willing to overlook it.

I thought the explanation of it was really well done though. It was explained like a film reel, you get stuck in one frame and that was where I personally think even with video’s watching the grandfather they would still be in a frame 1/1000 second in front, they are planning on saving the father and then leaving Stasis and coming back in again to lose the guys in this current frame just they have a lot of problems before they can do anything.

Obviously we know and now they know that the group are after the Master stone. It turns out they are some kind of religious order or at least a group hiding behind a religious order. They have something called the circle scripts that talk of the Herald, who is actually called the Handler, and they kind of worship it. I think.ย  It seems to be one of those positions where a load of people seem to believe in different things, the main guy doesn’t seem to worship them and whilst he talks about the scriptures like they are important he really is using Stasis more as a way of doing illegal things then anything else. Him and his second in command look like they are going to test the water with the Handlers, who attack those who do bad things to the Stalled, as the scriptures apparently point to them being bigger.

They also have a female who I thought at first might have been the blonde with a hair cut but seems to be someone completely different who went into Stasis 17 years ago (didn’t fact check that she might have said something different but I remember 17 years for some reason) but we know nothing of note about her at the moment.

Also I know if it was 17 she said it can’t be but in that flashback didn’t the other kid in the flashback look slightly like Juri as a kid? Or am I just remembering what Juri as a kid looked like wrong? I mean Juri would have been 5 at the time if it was her… If it was 17 and I’m remembering correctly that she’s 22.

What they don’t know is they have a slightly bigger problem.

They can’t leave until they save the father else he’s going to be stuck there, well they also don’t realise that they can’t leave because the brother is also in Stasis. After the Handler killed the guy that was going to kill Makoto his jellyfish found its way to the brother and now he thinks that Makoto is dead and is on the run to a hospital to help him… Even though behind him there was a guy half in a glass window with the shards of glass just frozen in place. He’s obviously in shock and actually even though I’m kind of laughing at the whole thing it was nicely done. He doesn’t know what is going on and he’s kind of found his nephew and clung to something he understands, it won’t matter what he see’s around him or anything else he’s too much in shock to really notice the world right now. I still hope there is something more to him because he does seem like a interesting character and I have a feeling he really is going to turn out to be just a bog standard loser.

Its a really interesting story so I’m happily going to continue to watch it.


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