Still Open All Hours S4E4

I’ve slowly become more and more depressed with this series and I don’t find me getting happier with it the longer it goes on.

It was a very action packed episode to be honest.

We had Gastric making a metal bug, Mrs Featherstone trying to start rumors flying about her and Mr Newbold, Granville losing his touch and even more of the ridiculous Leroy stuff.

I’m not sure what to say really about it. It was just a bit all over the place. It really didn’t feel like Still Open All Hours at all because so much of it was just kind of all over the place but even Granville in the middle of it lost his touch and realised it whilst failing to convince Eric and Cyril to buy anything in the store.

That is what much of the season has felt like though. Its kind of lost its shine. Whilst bits are still pretty funny and there were many laugh out loud moments it still just doesn’t feel the same and it was a bit of a chore to watch it this week as well. The stories didn’t flow as well and I feel like there were too many bits and pieces and it really needed to focus on less and do less. I feel as it got more and more popular they are trying to give too much focus on every character and its taken a little of the charm from it and the characters themselves.

For example the Madge/Gastric thing. It just kind of happened. I STILL feel like I’ve missed some big story moment between the two and its not as fun between the two of them anymore.

The series felt like Mr Newbold vs Mrs Featherstone but this episode kind of lost that feel too.

It just isn’t working for me now that they’ve expanded it too far out of the store. I really did enjoy the dynamics all the characters had and found it interesting how they were able to make you care about them without ever really getting to know them. Now the story is more about them then the funny and quirky things happening in the store and how a little corner store brings so many people together.

Plus the Leroy stuff got to the really uncomfortable and over the top point where you kind of know he’s going to win the woman over even though he’s harassing her and she’s even said that she’s in a relationship. Whether she is or isn’t especially in this time its really uncomfortable to be told we’re meant to find this guy not listening to a woman and making her uncomfortable enough that last week she had him escorted off the premises by security funny. It isn’t funny. I’m not even one of those people who bang on about things like that but even I find it hell of a uncomfortable and a terrible story to be telling. Leroy cheating with women was fine, they wanted it and he was always on the cusp of getting what he deserved but actually stalking a woman? Because that is what it is and it isn’t funny.

It actually makes me upset that I don’t like this series so much.


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