Kokkoku : The First Moment

Finally having time to sit down and watch something from the new anime series I was able to pick up Kokkoku, a fantasy, psychological, mystery drama thing. With so many genres apparently packed into one little show I very much jumped at the chance to at least catch up with the first episode.

To be honest I really liked it but at the same time was unsure about it. I love the concept of some mysterious, fantastical world that only a handful of people could access and loved the warning the grandfather gave about being in that world and the lives that people in it live. At the same time I didn’t totally click with any character yet and whilst I found the story interesting the logic behind it was confusing and I just wasn’t too sure what to really make of it.

Which worked in its favour because I’m going to continue watching it.

The main character Juri is fine as a protaganist. She’s just a normal 22 year old trying to find her way in life with a dad and brother unemployed and a nephew the whole family are trying to support. When her brother and nephew go missing she, her father and grandfather get transported into Stasis, a world where time is frozen so that they can go rescue their family. Unfortunately life is never that easy and other people are there in the frozen world which leads to many questions. Juri herself though is simple enough, there probably is going to be a lot more to her as it goes along but she makes such a small impression in the first episode its hard to get excited.

For me the grandfather is the more interesting of characters as is probably the brother.

It shouldn’t be surprising the grandfather is interesting as he’s the guy with at least the answers to some of the questions we want to know, apparently its his bloodline that is passing on a much stronger ability in Stasis even though I think its Juri at the end of the episode that calls down the Herald. He’s interesting because he’s mysterious but that really is it.

Tsubasa, the brother, interests me just because of a few little character moments. We know he’s unemployed, he doesn’t leave the house much and when Juri turns his game off and mentions this he looks extremely nervous. We get flashbacks of when Juri went into Stasis before as a child and as he’s a good 10 years older then her or something I do wonder if the grandfather has done something to him in the past and he’s reacted badly to it. It will probably end up being nothing but it left a bit of mystery to him that I hope does make him more interesting then a 30 year old dude who never got a job and sits around playing video games.

So some of the questions that I really want to know.

IF you enter Stasis and it stops time how could other people be there?

Like for them they entered Stasis at 6:59 and it will stay that time up until they decide to leave. So how can a whole gang of other people also be frozen at 6:59? Surely if they froze time at 6:58 they’d be frozen a minute before them? It makes no logical sense. Sure time passes in Stasis but the events, where people are stood and what they are doing are locked on the exact moment of 6:59 for Juri and her group so the other group can’t physically be at the same point of time without having spied on them and managed to completely, or at least to the milisecond, been able to replicate what they were doing. So how come a whole gang is also wandering around at the same time?

That is my biggest problem. I just don’t think the idea of Stasis works.

Other questions range from what the hell is Stasis, what is the Herald and what about blondie at the beginning? Those are normal questions to want answered and I’m sure we’ll get there slowly.

Its a beautiful


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