DEFIANT Wrestling : Defiant #6

We have the DEFIANT Wrestling vs IPW story in full swing, we have a crazy preacher converting people to his side and we have Alex Gracie monologue-ing at himself on a nearly weekly basis. DEFIANT Wrestling has very much made their show a much watch every single week.


At first I thought DEFIANT Wrestling had started to allow fans to randomly advertise for them with bad Wade Barrett impressions but apparently Billy Wood is the owner of IPW and in the most British of ways (non-threatening with a giant grin on his face and speaking in a rather quiet way whilst not being quiet) kind of made a match for the night where it will be Martin Kirby vs Mark Haskins. If Kirby wins he gets a title shot if Haskins wins IPW will take over DEFIANT Wrestling till the PPV.

Interesting development in this little war they are having though I would like to see if Billy Wood can just not smile. Like not in a mean way but that guys smile.

Winner : Rampage 

It was Alex Gracies open invitational apparently but the second Rampage’s music hit you have to wonder how smart it was to have this kind of match.

Good match though, liked how it started slow and it looked like maybe Gracie could do something, not win but just not be killed by Rampage who was getting GIANT home town love but then he went to jump over Rampage and got caught and chucked around. Rampage just looked scary, he threw Gracie around like he didn’t weigh a bloody thing.

A clever little moment gave Gracie some offence but nothing he ever did looked like it was going to do anything to Rampage. I didn’t like that they had the little “hiding” moment either from Gracie, it really felt like a silly match to have just after they did all that really good character stuff from Gracie and you wanted to see a more focused and serious heel Gracie. You can’t do that with Rampage as his opponent and the match went from serious Gracie to silly Gracie too often.

Rampage is awesome.


Well done Rampage lad. I can’t help it I love Gibson’s accent it makes me laugh though HE at least is being treated pretty good in this feud with Rampage. He attacked one of Rampage’s students which sent Rampage on a Rampage and I kind of can’t wait to see them go at it to be honest.


I actually LOVE these two. I don’t think there is a more odd team you could have but I love it. Just having Primate doing his animal noises and Havoc talking to him like he isn’t talking to a guy grunting at himself makes me laugh. Jimmy Havoc has always been one of my most favourite people though.

Winners : Aussie Open

I love how the commentators ask who keeps letting these people in… Well they were scheduled to appear so I’m guessing DEFIANT Wrestling let them in because they booked the match and you know… We knew about it last week.

What a great match, it was just crazy fun what with these guys just not stopping from the moment Havoc and Primate arrived in the ring till the bell rung for the end. At one point it was like they weren’t ever going to get into the ring again! THEN I got so happy because I realised Mark Davis was the guy from the Rest of the World bracket of the World Cup where I wrote in my review “it was love at first sight with Davis when I saw him” and it was once again until I realised that this was the second time I’ve seen him so doesn’t really work.

Honestly this was just the best. The amount of times the commentators just sat there explaining what Jimmy Havoc was doing in complete fascination is ridiculous but it is also my favourite thing. Just watch the match because it was too crazy to explain and neither team actually really ever got the upper hand it just went on and on and looked like they were going to kill each other.

There was a moment when Primate was going to hit Fletcher with a chair but Davis got involved and threw Havoc in then hit the fidget spinner on both Primate and Havoc and the Aussie Open wins the match. What a fucking ridiculous name for a finisher move, I loved it. I’m so going to start watching IPW, I need more of these men in my life.

Plus was the siren noise from Damien Dunn because I might be in love with him too. By the way I was a Right to Censor fan as a kid so you know….


I loved how he said “I didn’t come to DEFIANT to start a fight with Rampage” and then someone in the crowd sounded like they shouted yes you fucking did. He technically didn’t but he did keep saying that he wants to be the number one in the world and to do that he needs to beat Rampage. I don’t think Rampage wants to be Liverpools number one but Gibson seems to be very worried that Rampage wants to take it from him.


Martin Kirby’s face whilst Joe Coffey went berserk is how i look at Joe Coffey every time he’s on my screen. With love, admiration and terror at how crazy his little Scottish heart is.

OK maybe Kirby just looked a little confused but who can’t love Coffey when he goes crazy?

Winner : Joe Coffey & Travis Banks

I was looking forward to a handicap match but Coffey and Banks together is nearly as good as Coffey just getting all hyped up about beating up The Prestige. If we can have him turn his attention to being with Havoc against IPW I would be VERY happy.

It was a perfect match really. Some great wrestling and Coffey and Banks just looked so dangerous, all four guys got to do the things that they do best Hendry’s more amateur and slow style, Ligero’s stupid stuff, Coffey just picking everyone up and spinning them around and Banks kicking, literally, the heck out of people.

LOVED how they ended the match with a double submission and Ligero tapping out, would have been better if Hendry had too but to be honest I couldn’t see if he was or wasn’t. Great win for Banks and Coffey and as I said would like to see Coffey at least focus on IPW for the rest of the DEFIANT vs IPW stuff.

Winner : Mark Haskins

Mark Haskins is amazing. They made the match feel as important as it was, this wasn’t just a chance for Kirby to get a title shot but it was for DEFIANT to stay DEFIANT. Kirby is the best person to have in that role because he’s one of the best but at the same time he’s such a underdog even though he’s really so good. Haskins just looked like he was going to kill Kirby half the time though.

I feel the episode felt longer then the others and maybe it was because they packed so much into it but it did lose my attention for a few parts. I loved Kirby’s dive over the barriers though. It was also good that they didn’t have any IPW guys at ringside and instead had Haskins just look dominant.

What a ending though! I feel that is going to be a iconic moment of DEFIANT going forward, IPW invading was a great thing to watch but Haskins taking out Kennedy and then just murdering Kirby in the ring whilst Bradshaw tried to keep cool was so good. The fact he won by just basically knocking Kirby out just made the defeat even more sad because Kirby is kind of the shining light of hope and all that for DEFIANT and a lot of the big stories in WCPW/DEFIANT history have been about him trying his best to get to the top and being held back or coming up against someone who just didn’t care about his opponents well being. I can’t wait for the three weeks of IPW run DEFIANT shows though. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next.


Honestly the best episode so far since the rebrand. It was packed with great story stuff as far as Gibson and Rampage go, had absolutely wonderful matches with some of their biggest names and pushed that IPW vs DEFIANT story to such a wonderful new level.

The reason I think Kennedy being taken out is going to be one of those moments they’ll replay when looking back on DEFIANT is because he is the guy that runs away and whilst he kind of is the bad guy he also is the idiot bad guy who you kind of end up loving because you know he’s a coward and you know he has a point but you can’t help but love him and think of him as a cheeky little shit. Seeing him taken out with the chair made me more angry at IPW then seeing Bradshaw attacked during the invasion. I’m honestly sad that he was attacked.

The first tag team match is my favourite of the whole of DEFIANT’s run so far if we are forgetting their WCPW stuff, it was a fun match and just didn’t stop. Even when the ref was counting the three count Primate was trying to get back in the ring, the guys just didn’t stop moving the whole time. It also made me love how important Havoc has become in such a short time for DEFIANT becoming their voice against IPW and just his whole story with Primate is great. I do want Havoc and Coffey to become like the driving force against IPW because with Havoc’s laid back style and Coffey going berserker on everyone’s ass it would just be fun.

Surprised that we’re getting the Internet Championship match next week to be honest, for a show that is IPW run I think it was a mistake to promote anything happening next week. Specially matches that in a way are kind of very bog standard. You’d think there would be more IPW inspired matches in there. I get why they have put it up, it will make sure eyes are on them for ZSJ vs Bailey next week but at the same time it kind of kills a little of the mystery of what will happen next week knowing that DEFIANT wrestlers are having standard DEFIANT matches. Though I am surprised in general that the Internet Championship match isn’t going to be on the PPV, then again I don’t think we’ve seen ZSJ since he won the belt and I really don’t know what will happen in that match.

Great week though, fantastic matches and great storylines.

I did miss Liam Slater and the Pastor Eavers stuff. I miss telling you all how Liam Slater is my favourite human, how much I hate Prince Ameen and how weird Jurn Simmons smile is.

What I REALLY want to see is more of Damien Dunne though. I love him and I’ve never even seen him wrestle, I also learnt today that he spells Dunne the same way I do which makes me love him even more as I think I just took it for granted he’d spell it the English way. I do wonder if people will start seeing people like him and Pete Dunne and stop thinking my surname is pronounced Dune.

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