Angry Birds (2016)

Angry Birds as you probably are all aware was a hit mobile game that took the world by storm. For people like me who has no patience with games like that the whole craze might have passed you by but even I had to raise a eyebrow and wonder how a game about throwing birds at pigs was going to be turned into a movie.

In 2016, and in the US on my birthday no less, Angry Birds was out in cinema’s and with a fantastic voice cast and a soundtrack full of some of my favourite country singers.

To be honest it was a bloody good movie too.

It is the story of Red, a angry bird sentenced to anger management and isolated from the other birds thanks to his bad temper. He gets stuck with Bomb and Chuck who altogether end up having to save the islands eggs from the evil pigs that arrive at the island and charm the rest of the friendly birds.

Whilst it might not be a classic kids movie that shock the world or anything I really enjoy it and think its become a bit of a hidden gem. There isn’t anything annoying about it, for me as much as I love Trolls the characters and some of the songs just grind your nerves after the 100th watching and when there is a child in your family BOY do you have to watch Trolls a lot, its simple to follow with some wonderfully funny jokes and some great moments for the adults to get that kids won’t and is just a film that is easy to sit down and watch.

The voice cast as I said was fantastic. Its a list of some of my favourite people in film at the moment from Danny McBride to Bill Hader, the Cowboy pig being Blake Shelton made me happy and there is even a brief moment of Titus Andromedon as Tituss Burgess appears as one of the piggies. Jason Sudeikis is perfect as Red, he does have that ability of just sounding over the top and sarcastic the entire time. Peter Dinklage as Mighty Eagle was probably my favourite after Danny McBride as Bomb, I loved Mighty Eagle for just being the biggest phoney there is, the ending where they make the statue for him for saving the eggs when it was really Red that did it made me laugh.

They just made the world very real. Its a game about birds being flung at pigs and destroying things yet they brought these birds to life. Having such a strong comedy cast helped get the jokes flowing fast, and there were some like the shining pigs, that needed that perfect delivery because its a joke that a adult would get but the kids wouldn’t.

For something that was created out of the idea of a mobile app I think the whole film is under rated. Its fun, its funny, it incorporated the game play into the film without feeling like it took over the narrative and it also gave us a great moment in the film as the birds start attacking the pigs. It was a beautiful film to watch, very vivid colours used through out and it just worked. It worked really well.


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