5 Things… 5 Inside No 9 Episodes You Should Watch

With Inside No 9 back on our screens and as brilliant as ever there must be new people tuning in and falling in love with the wonderful brilliance that the series brings in buckets. I’ve decided to name 5 of my favourite episodes from seasons 1-3 that I think that any new time viewer should watch.

Of course you should just watch all of them but you know what I mean!!

Oh and just so you know there will be no spoilers for any of the episodes! I will just explain a little about why I think they are great, I try even in my reviews not to spoil the twists and stories so I really won’t in this list!

5 : Sardines

People might laugh and say OF COURSE start from the beginning but I’ve learnt reading views about Black Mirror and even where to start reading the Discworld that not everyone would say start at number one. That’s the thing with anthology’s I guess, you don’t HAVE to start at the beginning and if the beginning was shaky starting off somewhere better is a sure fire way of making new fans stick.

Inside No 9 though has been a smashing hit from day one and Sardines is a great introduction into Inside No 9. It has a amazing guest cast, a suffocatingly intricate plot full of drama and mystery and a twist at the end that makes re-watching the episode so much fun as you see it from a completely different perspective.

4 : Empty Orchestra

This one I really liked from season 3. It was one of those episodes that went through all the motions. It was a party, it had singing, it had job loses, bitching, drama galore and a wonderful cast. There were happy endings and the villains getting their comeuppance and the good guys and bad guys were just normal people you’d meet at any work place. It was realistic and the longer you work around people the more you are likely to come across at least one part of what happened in the episode. It had a wonderful soundtrack and the songs were picked to perfectly describe situations as they happened. It was the acting that was so strong though as just little cues throughout let you know what was happening.

3 : A Quiet Night In

A silent slapstick piece of fun. I picked episode 1 and this was episode 2 which just proves that I would happily recommend people to start from the beginning and continue till they get to the end. I loved this episode because it was a perfect ode to silent films of the past. It is something that Shearsmith and Pemberton do well. The story was told with no speaking, it was extremely funny with action going on at all times. It had a shocking end though trust me on that! I also loved the casting of Oona Chaplin who was wonderful alongside Denis Lawson.

2 : The Twelve Days of Christine

I think this might be the big surprise. Many feel its one of the best pieces of television you’ll ever watch and to be fair it is. Inside No 9 is known for its twist and this was one of the saddest you’ll ever see. It was perfectly acted by Sheridan Smith and Tom Riley and surprised me by just being deeply sad. It was so well written that you kind of forgot that you were watching a episode of Inside No 9, in one episode they made something worthy of any big drama series the BBC will ever produce. It remains one of the most unique stories in Inside No 9 and only misses out on the top spot because of my own personal preference for the number 1.

1 : Tom & Gerri

I can’t say much about the story but it honestly was the one that effected me the most. It kind of had a double twist to it, just when you thought you knew what was happening it became even more depressing then you knew it already was. It was one of those episodes where Shearsmith and Pemberton showed that they aren’t just genius writers or great comedians but terrific actors as well. It honestly made me laugh, it made me cringe, it had me crying my eyes out and in the end it left me breathless.

Problem with the really good episodes like Tom & Gerri is that the longer you talk about them the more you want to tell people WHY you loved it and then that would be giving away the story. I ALWAYS tell people to go see Tom & Gerri first, not necessarily becauser its the story that shows Inside No 9 the best, to be quite honest every episode is so unique that there isn’t a episode that you can really point to and say watch that and you’ll understand what the series is, but its the episode that touched me so much that I can say go watch that and you’ll see the range of story telling the Shearsmith and Pemberton can bring to such short stories.


That is my top 5 for Inside No 9 Seasons 1-3. Already if I had to do this list with just two (EDIT : This blog was meant to go out last week but due to illness and so on has been postponed) episodes down for the new season BOTH episodes would be in this list. Season 4 is turning out to be the best yet.

As I’ve said though the great thing about Inside No 9 is no two episodes are anything a like. We’ve had silent ones, slapstick, drama, tragedy and in this season alone a two man stand up routine and a ode to Shakespeare. They can touch any genre and create magic no matter what. Its a dark comedy but more often then not you’ll be crying not for laughter but because they create some of the saddest moments you’ll see on TV for the whole year.

It is also the problem with the series. If you don’t like one episode you can’t really give up on it because the next will be so different that it might be the best thing you’ve ever seen! You kind of have to give every episode a go instead of just writing it off. I say that is the problem but isn’t it nice just to have a show that can surprise you week by week? Knowing that one week you might not like it but the week after its all going to change and you’ll probably love it?

Any Inside No 9 fans out there want to share their top 5 episodes please leave them in the comments!


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