Still Open All Hours S4E3

All you can really say all season long is poor Mr Newbold. I’m sure there will be a new way to destroy his life this episode…

Once again Granville is to the rescue to destroy his life.

It wasn’t the best of episodes if I’m honest and the funniest part was the Mr Newbold and Mrs Featherstone parts. Eric and Cyril taking up cycling didn’t really do anything for me, you all know my feelings on Leroy though James Baxter dressed as a banana will stick with me for the rest of my life and the others just… Didn’t really do much.

Its got to the point where you kind of just want Granville and Mavis to get together, it was sweet to begin with but the sweet moments aren’t there anymore. It wasΒ  nice little thing to begin with that lead to the funny moments of Granville trying to get Madge and Gastric together so Madge was out of the way but in this episode the only thing in their way was a customer and if Mavis really won’t wait for Granville to finish serving someone then what is the point? Madge didn’t burst in and it wasn’t funny or cute or anything else. It served no purpose.

It all kind of made it boring.

Mr Newbold locking Mrs Featherstone out was great though. Problem is its relying too heavily on being out of the shop, its more like some kind of Keeping Up Appearances stuff from Hyacinth rather then what it was meant to be. Granville’s new ploy just seemed pointless when at the end of the day all he really did was get Mrs Featherstone back into Mr Newbold’s house which he could have done without the silly story of her being a former exotic dancer.

I think for me that is the problem. Its branching out and whilst I like some of it like the chats between the ladies and the gents, Mr Newbold vs Mrs Featherstone and a few other little bits and pieces its stopped being about Granville and the shop. I know Open All Hours wasn’t just about a shop keeper but its losing some of its charm and starting to feel more like a comedy soap opera then a sweet little comedy show. Its trying to give bigger parts to the other characters which means moments in the shop mean little to nothing because it just isn’t funny anymore. You get caught up in some crazy ongoing scheme that has nothing to do with Granville or whatever he’s trying to flog that when they are in the store and he is trying to flog it to them you just don’t care.

Do I like it? I dunno. I like bits of it as you can see but its also not hitting the right notes a lot of the time for me. I’m really not too sure anymore.


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