Week 3 Question : Where Does the Soul Live?

To begin with I guess I have to admit that I fully believe that every living thing has a soul.

Where does it live?

For me the soul is like a ghost. I’ve always kind of seen it as like a ghostly thing inside you so obviously that just means that its in you completely. When you die I think it does continue to exist but I think it can change shape but I do kinda believe that if there is something like ghosts in this world then the form is just souls of the dead. It makes sense to me if the life force of a person doesn’t die that a strong soul could end up communicating with the world at large.

One theory/story/something that I read when it came to Harry Potter, can’t remember if it was on Tumblr or Reddit, was the theory that some ghosts just go about their daily lives and that is why a ghost like Binns would continue to do his job or why old ghosts might walk through walls, because when they existed there wasn’t any walls where they are going. If the soul, for lack of better words, has some kind of memory of life then it would make sense that souls would be ghosts.

I also read once that there is a part of the brain that some people think is proof of a soul, they don’t really know what it is or what it does. I don’t know if I like the idea of it being part of your brain because that to me doesn’t feel like a soul. For me the soul isn’t a chemical reaction or something natural that your body does its just a force that is within you.

Like could you imagine if in the Harry Potter universe, which I know I’m mentioning a lot, the soul is a part of your brain and Voldemort was basically putting part of his brain into things? It might be better for for Mortal Kombat though, at the moment Shang Tsung just sucks life force out of people whilst stealing their soul but think of the graphics if he had to crack open the skull and start eating their brain?

Plus where would the soul be in a plant?

Sure you can say they have brains of a sort but not a animal like brain.

So yes for me the brain is like a ghostly thing inside you that hangs about after you die. That’s just me though, I think its pretty cool.


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