Still Open All Hours S4E2

If the Christmas Special was anything to go by we’ve got a series of Mr Newbold trying to escape and Madge warming to Gastric. Love seems to be in the air at the very over priced corner store.

First up I have to say that all the awards deserve to go to Sally Lindsay, her impression of Johnny Vegas was hilarious as Kath moaned to Madge and Mavis about how difficult it is getting Eric out of his sweater. I had to pause the episode I was laughing so hard, her face when Mavis said she always had hope because her husband was a smoker was equally s award winningly perfect as her impression. I don’t think Sally Lindsay gets enough praise for her comic timing or just how great she is in Still Open All Hours in general.

In fact a lot of praise for the series not only now having the women clubbing together but the men as well. Eric and Cyril spend time with Mr Newbold and even come up with a new plan on how he could lose Mrs Featherstone who has unfortunately decided for Mr Newbold that they are now engaged.

What a time to be alive for Mr Newbold!

Unfortunately that isn’t the biggest shock he has when Granville decides to show him how easy he has it and sets him up with a woman even Leroy avoids.

I do love Geoffrey Whitehead as Mr Newbold and he really shone in the episode, first as the petrified victim of Mrs Featherstone, then just in general chatting to the lads and finally dressed to unimpress Mrs Featherstone. He would have been the highlight of the whole episode if Sally Lindsay hadn’t been there.

Having the focus move away from the store has been fun though, I didn’t really miss Granville trying to sell things to people as much as I usually do and found the general lives of the others to be interesting to follow. Mr Newbold and Mrs Featherstone might be my favourite ongoing story at the moment and anything with Gastric or Kath in it is worth watching. I feel Cyril and Eric are getting too wise to Granville, of course they still fall for everything but it gets a bit boring watching them stroll in together, be told a over elaborate story then leave after already telling Granville they won’t fall for it. I liked that we didn’t get that in this episode, they still fell for whatever line Granville gave them but it was short and sweet complaining about the last scheme not working and a one liner before the joke comes back later in the episode without the overly long story to get them to buy the product.

What I still don’t like is Leroy and the Librarian.

I don’t know what it is about it but I don’t find it funny and I’ve never felt the need to see any more of Leroys life then we already see. It hasn’t added anything and whilst the parts with the ladies and the gents feels natural and fun him sitting outside the library took me out of the episode and just bored me. Both “romances” in the series are only there to make Granville’s life easier, its part of his scheming and they are both played for laughs. The married life of the Agnews also plays into this. Its why none of them or Granville and Mavis themselves feel like they take anything from the show. Before when Leroy just slept around it didn’t really feel like it mattered and was played for a laugh but it feels like they are trying to do a semi-serious thing with Leroy and this girl and I just don’t care. I don’t really care about Leroy’s life outside the shop and the parts with them two in it just bore the hell out of me.

Other then that though it was a much better episode and I seriously laughed out loud so many times.


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