Still Open All Hours S4E1

So Granville and Leroy are back, even though I should have guessed it was coming back I missed it so we’ll just get up to date now and say no more about it.

Episode 1 was the usual Christmas episode so we catch up with what Granville has planned for his customers this Christmas.

I loved the escape of Mr Newbold, I felt sorry for him that he didn’t get very far. It was up to Granville to stop him escaping and all it did was make me feel so sorry for the poor man, after all Granville is only doing it to stop the advances of Mrs Featherstone on his own poor self. He got so close before Granville managed to put Gastric the Fairy on the case.

It was funny, I loved Gastric as a Fairy though I didn’t see the point of the guy stopping on the bike to heckle him, it seemed unnecessary to have that bit at all. I would have liked to see Newbold and Mrs Featherstone interact a little more then they did though and you can’t help but feel that Granville is just cruel to that poor man in every way. I know its meant to be a joke but its getting to the point where its actually starting to ware a little thin, as I said I found it very funny especially the bit with Gastric at the end but its the same old story and along with Mavis being completely ungrateful for Madge booking them into a hotel to enjoy their Christmas it just came across at times as them two being real cold towards others just because they haven’t made their own relationship official.

I know that is looking into it a little too much but I felt sorry for Madge as much as Mr Newbold in the episode because she genuinely seemed to be doing something kind for Mavis, sure she might have been presumptuous on what it was that Mavis might want to do for Christmas, but her heart was in the right place and as most of the time the joke is on Madge not even having a heart I thought it was a bit out of character for Mavis to be so cold towards her sister when she was being nice.

Also I feel like I’m missing something, I can’t remember the end of the last season well but when did Madge start warming up to Gastric to the point that random blonde hairs would make her want to stay and keep a eye on him?

Eric, Cyril and Leroy were all in pretty boring and pointless stories. I found the elbow story that Granville told Eric and Cyril to be overly long and not as sharp witted or interesting as his usual stories and whilst it worked in the end with Eric rubbing elbows with Kath and her reaction the rest of it just wasn’t funny and seemed to go on for ages. Leroy and the protester was just boring and unneeded, I’d rather he just stuck around the shop heckling Granville then chasing a woman who told him on numerous occasions she wasn’t interested.

Overall it probably ended up being my least favourite episode of Still Open All Hours but it was still enjoyable, mainly for the wonderful performances from the regular cast but especially Stephanie Cole and Geoffrey Whitehead. Hopefully the series gets better as it goes along.


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