My Life as a Playlist Week 2

So I’ve had a much more quiet week then last week when I pretty much died of illness. I did break a tooth and have been back to work but its been pretty boring so it was hard to pick many songs.

There is a kind of recurring theme to this week though. Bet you can’t guess?

MaybeThe Ink Spots

There are two Ink Spot songs on this list and that is mainly because I’ve been listening to my Fallout playlist a lot but in my infinite sadness over my love life at the moment I do spend a lot of time wondering if a certain someone is “Maybe you’ll think of me when you are all alone”….

You get the point.

I Feel SoBoxcar Racers

If there was one song that ever hit the nail on the head of how I feel most of the time it has to be this one….

I wish I was brave
I wish I was stronger
wish I could feel no pain
wish I was young
wish I was shy
I wish I was honest
I wish I was you not I

Like I could honestly just post the whole song and it would ALWAYS be relevant to my life. This song is probably going to pop up week after week after week because not only do the words pretty much sum my feelings up but the music just kind of makes you feel.

I’ve spent a lot of this week wishing I could be like other people, I don’t get how people just… Get on. You know? Like its so hard for me to be myself with other people and even harder to build and maintain relationships of any kind yet some people do it as easy as breathing and I really wish I was them. Its been a long week.

Fight Against MyselfElaiza

I know I found this band through Eurovision but honestly this is one of my favourite songs and again like I Feel So it just kind of sums me up pretty well. Specially this week.

I fight against it all, ’cause I know who I am
I try to win the war, winning nothing in the end
Yeah I fight against myself becoming who I am
Getting closer to the end

Like I don’t know what they actually are talking about but it does feel like I’m fighting a war but I just don’t get anywhere fighting it. That isn’t just about my crush, I mean I feel like I’m fighting against a lot of things to just try and be myself but it just is everything. Everything feels like a war at the moment and I don’t seem to be winning whether its work, love or just this bloody blog. I’ve done so much to make sure that we get a blog out every day and then I lost on Thursday and felt shitty for doing so.

Its a really upbeat song though, really like Elaiza.

Its All Over But The CryingThe Ink Spots

It’s all over but the crying
And nobody’s crying but me

Well….. I cry a lot. Every night this week I’ve gone to bed and its kind of been like the day is over but I need a bit of a cry.

Friends all over know I’m trying
To forget about how much I care for you

Oh boy do they know.

It’s all over but the dreaming
Poor little dreams that keep trying to come true

I wish they’d fuck off…..


Well that is my week described as best I can through songs. It has been a difficult beginning to 2018 for me and I’m hoping it gets much better next week, I’m doing slightly less hours at work, though I’m doing the same amount of days, I’m up to date on a lot of things I got behind on so its just keeping on top of the things we are doing weekly. I’m hoping something interesting AND POSITIVE happens so that next week can have something a little more cheerful in it.

I guess special mention has to go to Happy Birthday.

It wasn’t my birthday this week but people at work have decided to just sing it to me every time they see me anyway, it was also one of my best friends birthdays and I kept forgetting it was my cousins today. He in fact decided to remind me that I hadn’t bothered to say happy birthday to him because you know, at 39 he needs people to remember its his birthday. Of course.

Lets get some songs from you to describe your week, specially as I’m looking to find new bands/musicians/whatever as you know…. I have about 500 songs on my phone and not very good at remembering songs in general so you might end up hating these blogs in a few weeks if I don’t find new bands and stuff to try and express myself with. Plus I’d like to see if you could describe your week in just one song! Its hard enough with 4 let alone 1!


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