DEFIANT Wrestling : Defiant #5

With a dodgy ending to Defiant #4 and a title match this week will we see fair play coming from the refs or is this war going to turn dirty?

Winner : Jurn Simmons

Like Menzies is super cool and it was like two walls just bashing each other. Menzies threw Simmons around with the overhead belly to belly suplexes and stuff and I fell in love with him. They just looked like they would explode at each other and were doing their best to out strength each other.

I think it was the wrong way to go really, not for Menzies, I like that unlike the last opponent for Simmons he actually got a chance to show off and match Simmons in the ring but at the same time right now they aren’t making Slater look strong in the ring, his wins tend to come with interference, they need Simmons to look like the threat of the group and whilst this was a seriously cool match and man do I hope Menzies comes back again and again, story wise I kind of felt that Simmons needed to just have opponents to destroy and he really didn’t need any interference to help him.

Good opening match. A bit sloppy in places and again slightly strange story telling when it comes to Eavers but I’m loving that this group is getting bigger, I love that they look slightly threatening and I love that I get to see so much of Liam Slater, even better is they didn’t bother to tell him to get dressed.


Blah, blah, blah…. I WILL BE NUMBER ONE… Blah….

Don’t get me wrong he’s great at it but what more do I need to say? Gibson says the same thing every time he’s allowed to open his mouth.

Winner : Zack Gibson

A decent match. I’m not as huge a fan of Webster as the rest of the world, I did like his run around the ring and jump onto Gibson lap on the chair and he is a great underdog fighting his way to the win but Gibson is just something else. He does just hit moves out of nowhere to reverse the flow of the match.

It was a good mix with Webster trying to speed up the match and being met with Gibson’s much slower style all throughout. I mean Webster does have some fantastic moves, I loved the moonsault from the second rope and the flippy thing he did that face planted Gibson (so much technical naming going on) and even his submission moves are pretty cool to watch.

Interesting match. Nice use of the ref for Gibson to win the match.


He was going on about stick wrestling then about DEFIANT Wrestling. I like him calling himself a legend in his own right.

Winner : Mike Bailey

So they are having another match so that Drake can break Bailey’s leg apparently. There was less limping and pain around the knees when it came to Bailey which made you wonder why they were continuing to tell this story if he wasn’t going to limp anymore.

It was a seriously strong performance for Bailey, maybe they decided that they needed to have him go into the title fight stronger then they’d been building him? His kicks were back to being super fast, super precise and with 0 pain. Of course it was still the target for Drake but it didn’t feel as desperate and worrisome as it had in their first match. Drake is great at this kind of match though, just focusing on the leg and even the reversal of a kick out into a submission focused on the leg was amazing. He’s so interesting to watch because he does things so methodical which is the complete opposite of Bailey who just fires off his offence. They are actually a very good pairing.

A decent win for Bailey and I kind of hope we get to see them against each other again. Can’t wait for the Internet Title match now.


As I said earlier I like that the group has grown and if there is one thing you can say for Ameen it is that he’s great at story telling so him joining Eavers is, unfortunately, great news. He can do the speaking with Eavers whilst Simmons can be the muscle and Liam can just be cute in the background.

Winner : Austin Aries

As you would guess in a match with these two it was a slow burner with both of them matching each other and feeling out the weakness of the other.

Obviously for the majority of the match Aries took charge. I love watching him because he always brings something new and unique to his matches, I loved the weird looking submission when he crossed Banks legs and then turned it into a bridged pin attempt. It was actually painful looking because I could imagine myself trying to just sit like that and pulling all the muscles in my body.

It was much slower then a match you’d expect Banks to be in but he really shone as one of the best talents in DEFIANT and a good reminder to us how lucky we are to have Banks here in the UK.

With a interference from Ligero and Hendry it ended with a brainbuster and a win for Aries. Great match though.


Again nothing special but it doesn’t always have to be special. Some really great matches and decent story telling.

I really like Drake and I’d like to see him in something a bigger story and on the winning end of that story as well. I didn’t like how the story telling kind of disappeared in this match, it was so well done in their first that this was a slight disappointment, if you change the two matches around it would work much better but at the end of the day it was just a great match for Drake. Bailey is good but he’s also very flashy with his kicks and his gimmick, I love Drake because he just focuses and gets the job done. Hence why I’d like a better story and him being on the winning side of it because he’d make quite a good foe to just about anyone.

The Eavers thing is my favourite thing and I love the group in general. I’ll even get over my hatred of Prince Ameen because I think he’ll breath a lot of new life into the gimmick. It REALLY needs a mission statement update from Eavers though, a clear and threatening message to DEFIANT and to Gabriel Kidd.

I also want a pet Liam Slater nearly as much as I want Adam Pacitti and a Sloth. These things matter in life.

I think Drake and Bailey were the match of the night to be honest. A good night.

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