Inuyashiki : People of Earth [END]

Episode 11

“Chikyū no Hito-tachi” (地球の人たち)

With Hiro now no longer a threat its time for the world to face a new threat. Well it isn’t really new it was there all along but the meteor. Now that someone is not killing Japanese people willy nilly they have a life threatening meteor hurtling to earth.

I think this is possibly the saddest part of all of this you know. The end.

Hiro will forever be a bit of a mystery for me. I think his big problem has always and will always just be that he was too up his own arse for his own good. He had a good life but that was never enough. He turned to crime maybe because of how his life had gone but mainly because he was just a sick individual. He had everything he needed before this, the girl of his dreams was there in love with him, his best friend was there with him, his mum who loved him was there every night. He became a murderer because he was a bad person and for some reason he just couldn’t see that.

Inuyashiki you just wanted all the best for. Unfortunately its short lived. He finally gets the love from his family and feels like this could be the start of something else and then the meteor appears.

Between the two of them they are able to save the world but only by self destructing to shift the meteors path.

Life moves on.

His son stands up to himself when he’s bullied, his wife is still in her job, we can pray and hope the selfish gits have kept the dog and his daughter won the manga competition in Jump. They all move on without him. I think we’re meant to get that his last days on this earth meant something to them but you can’t help but be sad that the most selfless and loving person in that family is dead whilst the selfish and cruel ones survive. I don’t really buy into the feeling sorry for his son because he was picked on shit, he was a nasty little swine as was the daughter and the mother.

I guess after everything that happened them both being destroyed was all that could happen though. The media knew who they were and even though his work life was hand waved away with being so over looked no one noticed they couldn’t continue on the planet at all. Well Hiro 100% couldn’t with no back to his head or arms.

The perfect end in

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