DEFIANT Wrestling : Defiant #4

So we’re kind of up to date (yay) we would have been faster if it hadn’t been for me getting ill (boo) and honestly I literally couldn’t move for the whole of last Friday. I managed to get Defiant #4 up just in time to see Slater vs Kidd then fell asleep.

I also think I’m working this week so there might be a few days to wait for #5 review to be published.

Oh well. Defiant #4.


So Defiant has something to say to IPW though when they said Defiant they mean Jimmy Havoc, and boy is it nice to see Havoc being so important in this story, Joe Coffey, Primate and… Martin Kirby. When IPW come out they already nearly double those four but I stand by what I said last week. Where ARE the rest of the roster? I get that Gunn is injured so they’ve replaced him but… Kirby? Why was Kirby the only person backstage that would come out too?

I don’t get it. But its fun.

Mark Haskin’s ain’t that interesting to listen to and him having a problem with the World Cup made no sense seeing that you know…. It DID have some of the best in the UK in it, in fact the English took most of the places at the latter stage of the show.

Like I like the story, I really like the story but this just was kind of funny.

Specially as they were like “Defiant are messing it up for everyone, IPW is more important…. I WANT YOUR TITLE BELT” like OK.

Love it though.

Winner : Liam Slater

To be honest the match was much of what you’d expect. Kidd was so angry about the Ameen thing that he was straight on the attack not giving Slater a second to get his baring.

It was a pretty one sided match which actually is upsetting. Slater wasn’t ALWAYS being beaten up but he didn’t really get a chance to do much which is a real shame because Slater really was amazing when he was forced into the singles division because of Moss getting injured last year. Him and Kidd could really have a great match but the story just won’t tell it. Of course Eavers needed to distract Kidd for Slater to win and I really wish he just wouldn’t do a headbutt off the top rope, I get so queasy seeing headbutts now, but it just… Yeah.

Problem again with this is the story. The commentary kind of don’t even seem to know how to call it. Kennedy asked half way through why Eavers has a problem with Kidd and Ameen, or something along those lines, when the storyline was that Kidd and Ameen stuck their noses into Eavers job of converting Slater. They need to give Eavers a actual speech to explain, they need to do something other then the nothing they really are doing at the moment.

Winner : Xia Brookside

Like this match would have been better before her title match to KLR in a title match only a few weeks ago.

I feel super old as we were reminded that these ladies are all about 10 years younger then me. One of them, I believe Millie, was born in 2000. 2000. I was, technically, born in the 80s. TEN YEARS.

It was a fantastic match though, if this is the kind of talent that DEFIANT are bringing in to the women’s division and they are THIS good THIS young then the women’s division is going to absolutely explode in 2018.

The ending to the match, the overhead throw from the top rope from Xia Brookside onto Roxxy was great. I did get fed up of hearing she’s Robbie Brookside’s daughter but I can’t wait to see what happens next.


He wants to break Bailey’s leg. Why is he getting another match against Bailey? Why does he want to kill Bailey? Does Bailey really have a gimmick? Ok that is a stupid question obviously its the karate kid shit but he is like a karate kid person. Its silly.

Winner :  Chris Brookes

Now this guy took on Hendry and Ligero and nearly won the match so I’m not seeing how David Starr could defeat him.

Then again saying that Starr is just amazing. His more aggressive side after starting the losing streak means that he just hits harder and faster. His kicks are just so horrible to watch at times. I didn’t realise how tall Brookes was until he stood next to Starr though and it was a bit of a weird one to watch but they worked really well together and some of Starr’s reversals were just cool as hell.

Starr taking out Ligero with the suicide dive was hilarious.

When Brookes got the three count off of a roll up after Ligero got involved I did wonder why Starr stuck around instead of taking it out on Ligero because he very obviously lost because of him.

Travis Banks comes to save Brookes after the match and suddenly Joe Hendry is out once more saying he wants to fight Banks. Joe Coffey then comes down and rambles on, though I love him rambling so I was very happy with that, making a handicap match for 2 weeks time with him vs Ligero and Hendry and a title match next week for Banks against Aries. It was all a bit silly but I loved it.

Winner : Primate

It was a very tame Hardcore match which isn’t that surprising. I mean the only real Hardcore, Hardcore matches we’ve really had involved Primate and Havoc and I don’t blame Ridgeway not going in that direction. It was just a very hard hitting match and as this is the first time I saw Ridgeway I have to say I’m super impressed with him. He really took Primate out and I’m so happy that the IPW thing is happening so I get to see this guy more often.

Before anyone points out the obvious I AM going to think about getting their OnDemand service (which you can find HERE) I just need to figure out some of the other OnDemand ones that I don’t use and delete them before I pay for another one.

In the end the match was marred by a odd quick finish, Primate put Ridgeway in a choke and the ref in seconds called for the match to be over as Ridgeway tapped when in actual fact I don’t think he did.

Great ending.


Decent show.

The IPW vs DEFIANT thing is good but really needs to feel more like a invasion/war instead of a handful of guys vs the invading IPW ones. When we get something like “DEFIANTs roster coming out to stand up to IPW” you kind of wanted at least all the faces in the company to come out.

Its one of those logic things that wrestling does. Like the Travis Banks and CCK stuff. He comes out to make the save after the match for Brookes but doesn’t actually just take Kid Lykos’s place in the first place.

The ending of the main event was perfect as far as making the two sides hate each other. IPW are invading but they also now have a legitimate problem with DEFIANT as they feel cheated out of a championship that Ridgeway didn’t really lose. It’ll be interesting to see if they do any kind of replays of the ending and make it as big as it was. Ridgeway has a legit reason to want a rematch.

The women’s division is so cool at the moment as well and I hope they keep bringing in new faces to join it. It did get annoying having to hear about Brookside’s dad the entire time, you kind of just want them to ignore that fact and talk about how good she was on her own without the constant reminders of who her dad was.

We can but hope something more is coming with the Eavers stuff.


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