5 Things… 2018 has started off so badly (for me) so here are 5 cute Sloths to make you (me) feel happier

Honestly I have managed to get a cold, throat infection, break a tooth and just generally end up a mess with only TWO BLOODY WEEKS OF THE YEAR OVER WITH. This is why our original 5 things post never got finished in time for Thursday and was postponed and why I’ve made a new one to make us happy with the medium of Sloths.

Yes Sloths are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, not only because some of them look like Adam Pacitti, but because they are just the most adorable creatures on the planet. So here are some cute little Sloths to make you, but mainly me, happy if you’ve been having a bad start to 2018.

What could be cuter then a Sloth just chillin’ in a cup? Look at this charmer being adorable.

Sloths arms are just so funny looking. Its like a big fluffy blob on pipe cleaners with hooks at the end. Plus look at that nose!

I mean seriously that little belly. He looks so happy just watching you.

The fuzzy little coconuts even come in pairs at times so its double the cuteness in a bucket!

Can people really not see the resemblance to Adam Pacitti? Well I mean he doesn’t have any hair anymore but he’s still sloth like.

All photos don’t belong to me, they were just 5 of the first photos found on Google on a search for baby sloths. This blog has no real point other then to make people smile, if you can’t smile at a baby Sloth then what can you smile at?

Are there any animals that you just look at and go awww? Most people follow cat or dog pages on Facebook to cheer them up with positive animal memes during the day but has anyone got any stranger animals they like?

As a bonus here is a video I found by searching on YouTube for Sloths yawning.

We should have something less pointless up next week but I hope you all enjoy looking at Sloths like I do and you all look at this video and imagine its Adam Pacitti yawning like I do.


2 thoughts on “5 Things… 2018 has started off so badly (for me) so here are 5 cute Sloths to make you (me) feel happier”

    1. I will have you know if it spreads even the smallest bit of joy to the world I did my job.

      Actually scrap that the title even pretty much says I’m writing this blog for me. ME. Not you. Me. I’m happy. Job done.

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