Inuyashiki : People of Tokyo

Episode 10

“Tōkyō no Hito-tachi” (東京の人たち)

If people are going to turn away from technology to keep Hiro out he’s just going to take over whatever he can to cause mass destruction….

That destruction didn’t include the baby thankfully but plenty of innocent people are still dead. It wasn’t just the one plane that Hiro took out of the sky it was every plane, the baby was on the second wave which was saved by Inuyashiki.

It was a really difficult episode to watch.

Mari was stuck in a building hit by a plane and was slowly dying through the episode whilst Inuyashiki and Hiro finally fought it out. When they both passed out it was a problem for everyone as their programs still fought each other but used their surroundings to hide from blasts. Inuyashiki’s program won the battle but he landed in water meaning he awoke knowing he had to get to his daughter and save her and also meaning that the broken shell of Hiro was left for someone to help.

What made it difficult to watch was the aftermath.

Mari hasn’t been a particularly nice child this whole time and she’s only just warming up to her father after becoming a spoilt brat teen because she knows he’s special. So whilst he was obviously heartbroken I couldn’t muster much sympathy for her. He was a burden to her and when he was dying she wasn’t there for him. I just don’t like her much and I would have preferred if at the end and he saved her life after she died and all that she’d stuck up for him when her mum was being passive aggressive over him again. Its all good and well to see her being kind to the dog but it would have again been nice for her to take the dog inside or be seen to take her for a walk seeing she knew her dad wasn’t coming home.

He wasn’t coming home because he spent all his time saving everyone he could from the burning buildings and wreckage left by Hiro.

I cried.

I cried a lot.

It was sad. Its made extremely more sad by the fact that you know that Hiro is still at large. You see all these people coming to life and you know he’s still out there.

My question though is how am I meant to feel for Shion?

She has a crush on Hiro fine. I have a crush on a guy who is a bit of a dick but not a mass murderer, he just knows I like him and is a bit of a dick for his own reasons.

How do you just… Not call him out on this bullshit?

She kind of did, she told him that these people were unique but when he said he’d come get her and her grandmother the day after tomorrow she didn’t turn around and go no fuck you get out of my life I can’t deal with someone who takes life for granted.

We see her weeping for him. Why? Why is she not weeping for the hundreds of thousands that he’s now killed? Why weep for a murderer? How do you even stay in love with a murderer? I know all the crazy people with the fan clubs and everything were around but like how?! Just how?!?

As for Hiro he was actually UPSET BECAUSE HE’S THE VILLAIN?!

I need a actual episode that has him REALLY explain himself. No false narrative, none of the childish emo bullshit. How did he think him killing people DIDN’T make him a villain?! I want to understand that SO BADLY because I just don’t get it.

I get why Inuyashiki turned out the way he did. He was ignored, lost, dying and given a second chance of life. He was miserable but helping people gave him a sense of purpose.

According to Hiro he once saw someone die or pictures of someone dying and decided watching people die made him feel alive.


It wasn’t a accidental thing, we have had no indication that he was a serial killer in the making before the accident, he just woke up as a machine and decided “I know, once I saw someone die that feels like something I want to do with my life now.” It makes no sense.

Then he’s upset because he’s the villain?!

No mate. We all understand your reasoning for sadistically killing innocent people. Of course its the nice old man saving lives that makes you the villain and not yourself.

In fact that is Hiro’s problem 100% no one NO ONE including Shion WHO NEEDS TO is making him responsible for his actions. Killing people was because he was turned into a machine, killing more people was because he blamed them for his mothers death even though SHE TOLD HIM SHE’D RATHER BE DEAD THEN HAVE A SERIAL KILLER FOR A SON, this rampage now is because of the police shooting Shion WHICH THEY WOULDN’T HAVE DONE IF HE WASN’T A MASS MURDERER AND JUST DATED THE POOR GIRL BECAUSE SHE WAS NICE!

Everything is be


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