Inuyashiki : Shihjuku People

Episode 9

“Shinjuku no Hito-tachi” (新宿の人たち)

Hiro has snapped and the world is a much more dangerous place then it already was.

This episode actually was probably the best episode so far. This series has been emotional, its been fascinating to watch and try to figure out the different characters and what makes them the way they are but this was the actual declaration of war from Hiro to Japan and the world in general after his last act seems to kill more then just Japanese citizens.

It also just showed off how far gone Hiro is.

He declares he’s always hated Japan but like his confession to Shion that he kills because it makes him feel alive it sounds much more like the talk of a emo kid that was given power and decided to be naughty with it. Just by being naughty he decided to kill people.

Why does he hate Japan?

Most people hate their home city or the government or a wide variety of different things but to hate a country enough to destroy it? Why? Why does he hate it that much?

It is a question he should ask himself because why does he think it’ll be different somewhere else?

He begs Shion to run away with him after Japan is destroyed not seeing that she doesn’t WANT to run away with someone who is about to destroy her home, her identity, her country…. Innocent lives that have done nothing to him, nothing to her.

And at no point once again does he get it into his head that what happened to his mum, what happened to Shion and her grandmother…. Both those incidents were HIS fault. NOTHING in the world made him decide to kill innocent people other then himself. Saving people was never going to make up for he lives he lost, just because it meant that Shion would forgive him doesn’t mean that the police or anyone else should just shrug it off and let him go. Now all he’s doing is self destructing. Shion isn’t going to go with him. Why does he think a man that single handedly destroy’s a country would be welcome anywhere? His face will now forever be on the TV of every country, he kills a plane full of people including what I’m guessing is going to be a American father and his baby, he’s going to be a criminal no matter where he is.

The thing is this is what happens with kids like this.

He himself was never seen to be bullied at school. His friend was. He wasn’t. His dad might have left and it might have been a struggle for his mum to live on but its also a struggle for Inuyashiki and his family, it looks like a struggle for Ando, its a struggle for a lot of people who come across as being warm and caring. Its like he WANTS to be a victim but he’s self aware enough to know that he isn’t actually a victim. Its like he wanted to be special and this power let him be special but he picked to do it in the sadistic way instead of actually help people and the horrible thing is if he helped people he probably would have gotten what he really wanted in the first place. When he was on top of the world he didn’t give two shits about Shion but when she honestly gave him the comfort that he’d then lost from his mum he wanted her, he’s a attention seeker who actually looks for real attention not just the fake stuff that popular kids get.

Now he’s playing with people’s lives because he keeps killing people including those he loves.

Its only a matter of time before Inuyashiki gets him.

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