Inuyashiki : Mari Inuyashiki

Episode 8

“Inuyashiki Mari” (犬屋敷麻理)

The police have found Hiro and I have a bad feeling about what is going to happen next.

SURELY, and yes this is going to be a bit of a rant, SURELY they would remove Shion and her grandmother? Why oh why did they decide that the best thing to do was kill a kid and her grandmother?

I guess the excuse is that they were holding a mass murderer who had killed over 50 innocent lives including children. They’d kept him safe and hidden from the police but even then surely it doesn’t give the police right to kill them? Its obvious that they probably hadn’t done anything so why the hell would they think it OK to shoot them?

Thankfully by the midway point of the episode you find out that Hiro was able to save them. Unfortunately this just gives him more belief that he should kill people and now he’s after the whole of the police force.

At some point you’d think that they couldn’t kill him with riot squads and the like, his kill count blasted up to probably way over 100 in one episode alone but the worst bit is that Inuyashiki just watched on TV. He watched people dying knowing that what they were doing wouldn’t actually harm him and he didn’t go and help.

Now I know that it probably needs to end with a fight between the two of them but you kind of hoped that he’d have gone to do something. He didn’t though he just watched.

That really wasn’t the point of the episode though, for some reason the point of the episode was getting to know his daughter Mari, probably because she’s going to become important at this point. She used to be a daddy’s girl I guess until she realised that being a brat was easier. Its funny how she decides to follow him because it looks like he has a friend. She knows what he is now but even that didn’t seem too important.

I don’t know. It just seems late in the game to finally be getting to know her. Why its important that she knows who her father is and why its important that she wants to write a manga…

Unless of course she actually helps Ando in getting her dad to take on Hiro in what has to be their big coming together at the end and then writes about the hero that her father was? I mean I’m digging this anime meaning I’d probably dig the manga so why not in her universe she be the writer of this story? It fits in with the obvious story that she’s going to fall in love with Ando, the kid who helped her dad and isn’t like the ass holes at school, a poorer kid that probably believes in whatever it is she does. He’s a manga fan, she’s a manga writer and her dad is the perfect subject for a manga story.

So yeah…

Oh and there is a mete

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