Inside No 9 : Bernie Clifton’s Dressing Room

After one of the most delightful episodes of Inside No 9 so far Season 4 has big shoes to fill.

In the style of the classic duos from our past Bernie Clifton’s Dressing Room will have you chuckling from beginning to end with the mix of witty word play and slapstick comedy.

Though just like any Inside No 9 episode it isn’t all it seems on the outside.

It was a extremely sad episode that at one point seemed like two old friends who just wouldn’t be able to put their differences to one side and ended up being a tearjerker of immense proportions. I should be used to the twist by now but the absolute proof of their writing genius is that you forget. You sit there and you just don’t wait for one anymore, you get taken in by it every single episode because you get so engrossed in watching it that everything else just isn’t important.

What I loved about this episode is it was one of those ones that didn’t need anyone else. Pemberton, playing Len Shelby, and Shearsmith, playing Tommy Drake, played the characters they played best, Shearsmith was the grumpy, uptight one to Pemberton’s slapstick funny. The two characters worked so well together especially when they started running through their old comedy routine. With Pemberton making faces for the imaginary crowd and Shearsmith’s look of disgust never leaving his face it was a portrait of hilarity.

Two moments really stood out for me, the wonderful brown bottle sketch and the song at the end. The reason being that it just showed how in sync these two are, they always are but these sketches only ever work when the two in them work perfectly. I especially loved the brown bottle one, I don’t know why but it really reminded me of something Morcecambe and Wise would do with Drake being the straight faced singer and Shelby the silly prop man. It just worked brilliantly.

It was simple, it was sad and it really outshone all other episodes for me. This series is gearing up to be a season full of classics.


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