DEFIANT Wrestling : Defiant #3

The IPW invasion is still brewing slowly under the surface, Prince Ameen is still thankfully gone and Zack Gibson might get his teeth handed to him by Stu Bennett if he wins his match in this episode and gets his Defiant Wrestling contract.

Its all going on in DEFIANT Wrestling.


The three of them aren’t happy about what happened the week before. They challenge Ridgeway and Haskins to come out and talk to them, well Havoc does which is basically code word for Havoc wants to kick his ass. Three baddest asses in DEFIANT Wrestling. Not going to disagree.

Winner : Mike Bailey (DQ)

I’d say it was a strange match up but to be pretty honest Mike Bailey against anyone is a pretty strange match up, his style is so much of a showy style that its hard to imagine him against anyone. Though he’s painting a giant bullseye on his knee with the limping and not stopping with the showy stuff when he really probably shouldn’t be putting much pressure on it. Its a great bit of storytelling especially going into a fight with someone like ZSJ and gave Drake something to aim for right off the bat.

The focused and brutal targeting of the leg was perfectly done by Drake who really did make a big impression in 2017 and seems to be moving even closer to maybe a singles title run for 2018. The guy was just aggressive and mean.

He lost the match after bringing out a wrench and attacking Bailey with it but a loss doesn’t mean much right now for him. He did what he said he would and he is a real threat.

Winners : The Hunter Brothers

The Hunter Brothers are so cool and the match was really fast and fun to watch. Its funny thinking of SCC as the old faces in a match when I’m still overly excitable about Kelly Sixx being on my TV.

SCC team work is still amazing, I love how fast it is yet they make it look seemless.

When the two teams had a stalemate in the middle of the match it was great, I laughed when they all failed to hit each other and then all grabbed each others legs. The Hunter Brothers being a bigger tag they looked just that little bit closer to winning whenever they hit a big move but moments like that showed just how well SCC are as a team.

Good win for the Hunters and the tag team division looks to be in good hands.


Being asked stupid questions about whether he’s found Prince Ameen or not. Something has to happen in his match against Gibson tonight. It just has to.


Taking some fashion advice from Kennedy he comes out in a shiny coat not to wrestle but I guess to talk to people like he talked to himself last week. He calls out Fat Ligero to apologise to him, I’m liking this new crazy Gracie and his apologising to people.

Of course it doesn’t take long before his true intentions are seen and the glazed over evil Gracie is back.

Winner : Zack Gibson

It felt like Zack Gibson was never going to shut up. He just talked and talked and talked and most of it just wasn’t that interesting or important. When he finally shut the hell up his gob really didn’t match up to what was going on. Kidd, who was impressive even when he was in a undefeated streak, has grown so much over the year that it isn’t even surprising now that he started the match off by just beating the hell out of Gibson.

A thumb to the eye was what was needed to change the tide of the match in Gibson’s favour and with the “interview” with Adam before hand and Bradshaw reminding us of Eaver and his croonies kidnapping every ten seconds you couldn’t help but be on the edge of your seat waiting for whatever it was that Eaver was going to drop to distract Kidd so he’d lose to Gibson.

It came just as Kidd was going to win and whilst the distraction was nicely played Gibson kinda made it extremely messy looking. Like I get that using his submission was much more interesting then just a roll up but a roll up or just about anything else would have looked prettier then what happened.

Can’t wait to see what happens when Eaver finally tells what happened to Ameen. I’m hoping a permanent gag.


He’s been locked into his office just when the four baddest asses in DEFIANT Wrestling calls out the, now named Haskins and Ridgeway, Renegades.


It was a much bigger moment then just the four guys who were downed last week taking on the handful of guys who did it, the whole of the IPW roster appeared to not only destroy the champs, Coffey and Gunn but take out Bradshaw, Kennedy, anyone that moved at ringside plus the actual ring itself.

Banners were torn, at one point there was a knife and I was worried why Aries was so happy to stand behind a banner that was about to be stabbed, the ring was ripped to pieces and bodies lay everywhere.

Memories of the Nexus coming up to WWE.

Great ending to the show.


It wasn’t a bad show. It wasn’t quite as exciting all the way through as the other episodes but it did a lot of story work from Bailey’s injury to the next chapter in the Kidd vs the Evil Pastor Eavers story. Of course the ending was one of those iconic moments that will stick with DEFIANT wrestling forever, the true start of the war against IPW but other then that it just felt like building up to things coming in the future.

Loved how Kidd’s match played out, you kind of knew from who Gibson is that he’d win the match but Kidd was so focused that you were just waiting for Eavers to distract him, it was perfect the way they did it without any actual distraction just the darkness and the music playing but no actual member of that group showing up. We have a match against Slater in the next episode so it’ll be interesting to see what happens next time.

None of the matches were bad but they also didn’t really set the world on fire. All very strong especially the Drake vs Bailey match.

Whilst it wasn’t the most exciting it was important to get these stories out there.

Can’t wait for what happens next with the invasion angle, its starting to really get good.

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