Week 2 Question : Is There a Supreme Power?

I will honestly try and tackle this question with all the care I can possibly put into it…

If we’re talking about a god or some sort of force that looks out for us then I personally don’t believe there is. It isn’t that I don’t think there is evidence for it or not I just don’t see why there would be.

Like for me if there is a Supreme Power then I guess I believe that they might create the world and all that but they wouldn’t put down rules for us to live by. If they did then I don’t think they’ll separate the good and bad at death.

I’ve always liked the idea of gods that would smite those down that do wrong but he doesn’t.

Whilst I get why people believe in Supreme Powers and why they don’t smite wrong doers down I just personally don’t get it. I wish I could but I just see so much wrong with the world that I kinda don’t like the idea that there is something out there watching over us waiting to judge what we do in our lives after the fact but if someone came and shot me in the face tomorrow I’d be dead and unable to live the rest of my life but might be judged worthy of going to one afterlife over the other whilst that person might get away with shooting me and won’t get any kind of judgement until after they die.


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